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*There aren’t actually any posts about shoes here. But it rhymed and the rhythm of three works well. Hence the shoes.


A creative powerhouse!

Moi, a creative powerhouse? Not my words, but those used by the kind chaps at The Net Gallery, London who recently interviewed me on my fledgling art career. You can read the full article here>> Find out who my favourite artists are and a glimpse at some of my new work for 2021. Thanks to Richard and Toby at TNG Magazine for the interview. 

John Lewis advert has nothing on me when it comes to Christmas!

My friends, I give you my Christmas brochure. Yes, it is here. It is digital. And it has special Christmas gifts to bestow upon you. Indulge yourself. As it says on the cover, ‘After all, it’s been a sh*t year!’ 

Download via the link below or click on the cover image, share and enjoy with a glass of mulled vino. 

Jay Fortune Christmas Brochure


And they say nothing’s free anymore… well, this IS! Life continues to be very uncertain and crap for many of us, so let me spread some good cheer by giving my magician collectors this special mini-print. To acquire yours for free, enter the coupon code FREEVERNON at check-out and all you’ll pay is P&P. I’ll send your free print after signing it by hand. What’s not to smile about?

Open edition A4 size print of ‘Vernon – Smoke’ by Jay. Printed on premium 350gsm silk, full colour, with white border. Hand-signed by the artist. 

Click here to own yours now>>

Have you seen my other mini-prints for you magic collection? Acquire Houdini and Eugene Burger.

T&Cs: Only 1 mini-print per order. While stocks last. Frame for illustrative purposes only. 

A frame Houdini cannot escape from

One of my collectors in the USA sent me this amazing photograph. It’s of my Houdini print but encased in a wooden frame using wood from Houdini’s estate. Wow! I was totally thrilled to see this. (Thanks Barry!) 

At the moment, there’s still a few mini-prints left. They are normally £30 plus postage, but at the time of writing on sale at just £10 (plus P&P). Snap one up before they disappear for good! View now>>

for the magical connoisseur

For the magical connoisseur of the finer things in life, I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new Magician Series of artwork. The new collection features eight portraits of famous magicians. Let me tell you about each one… oh, sod that, let’s just get stuck into the new collection! I’ll meet you there and tell you about them. Grab your whisky and cigar, we’re going in… view now>>

(Photo: me working on my ‘Derren’ painting. Photo reference credit Seamus Ryan)

pug lovin’ gangster

I often come up with ideas late at night. I’ve long kept a pad and pen by my bed for night-time visions (non-substance induced). Many of these turn out to be pretty bad in the cold light of day. But a few get some development time. And very occasionally they make it into a fully finished form. This cheeky pug was one of the lucky (!) ones who went the full cycle. From the cradle to the easel… and now on to your wall? 

I give you ‘The DogFather’. For all the movie, mafia, gangster, pug lovers out there! 

Check him out now>>

check ’em out!

Ohhh… they’re new, they’re street, they’re hot, they’re sexy, they’re funky, they’re originals… they are my – dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum…

‘New Artworks’. Hmmm… should have considered a better name there. Happy viewing you lovely person you. 

A special father’s day present


(Photo reference credit Richard Faverty/Beckett Studios)

‘It is hard to find a gift that delights my husband. This year I commissioned a custom portrait from  Jay Fortune. Larry was not only delighted, he was moved to tears. The portrait now hangs in our dining room where it brings all of us on-going joy.

Working with Jay was a pleasure. The portrait arrived safely and speedily. Jay is a thoughtful and collaborative painter. I felt I was part of the creative process. I wasn’t sure a custom portrait of this quality was within our reach but it was surprisingly affordable.

My husband is always gracious about the Father’s Day ties and books we give him. But this year he was truly speechless and moved. I am so happy to have found a way to show him how special he is to us.’ – M. Hass, USA. 

So nice to have done this one for really awesome people! If you’re awesome (how can you not be, you’re reading this!) and are looking for a special commission, please get in touch. 

Happy First ART-iversary

A year ago today, 19th April, I picked up my paintbrushes for the first time in 20 years. Since then, my portfolio has grown to over 80 pieces! Thank you to my collectors and supporters. It’s humbling to know that my work is now hanging on walls in homes across the world; Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and Asia. 

A special thank-you to my publishers DeMontfort Fine Art, my managers Hannah and Candy and the many galleries who stock my work. Special thanks to Jen, not only a gifted artist in her own right, but also for continuously prodding me to start my art again in the last few years. 

Despite the lock-down, it’s important to celebrate the small achievements. So, here’s to the next 12 months. Hopefully next year I won’t have to celebrate alone due to this lock-down! 

FREE mini-print give-away

Houdini’s name is legendary. He embodied the spirit of man overcoming obstacles. His struggle to escape from chains symbolised our daily struggle, reminding us that we too will escape from our current reality. With almost supernatural power, Houdini would conquer any challenge and emerge triumphant. At this time of struggle in our own lives, there is no better spirit to embody than that of Houdini. 

With that in mind, I have created a mini-print of my ‘Houdini – The Unmasking’ original portrait. The original is available, please email me for details. 

If your circumstance allows, you may choose to pay for one of these mini-prints and support my art at this time, however my gift to you is to own this for free. Place it on your wall as a reminder of courage in the face of adversity. To receive this mini-print for free, enter the code STRENGTH in the coupon box at check-out and all you will pay is P&P.

Click here to order yours today>>