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*There aren’t actually any posts about shoes here. But it rhymed and the rhythm of three works well. Hence the shoes.


A rip-roaring debut!

Not my words, but those of Alli Thompson who owns the brilliant Chapter Two Book & Coffee Shop in Fleetwood, Lancashire.  Here’s Alli’s full review (and no money changed hands I promise you…lol! Alli reviews a lot of books and All Fall Down was last Sunday night’s weekly book review

‘avin a laugh

I’m proud and honoured to be an official artist for the world-famous Jongleurs comedy clubs. CEO Kev Orkian said, ‘At Jongleurs Group Ltd, we pride ourselves on working with incredible talent. Jay Fortune is one of those unique talents, we are very excited to be working with him and creating

Why did you write that?

Warning: this post has references to violence in books that you may find distressing. It’s always interesting, eye-opening and exciting to receive feedback from readers.  One reader recently told me that they loved All Fall Down but (yep, there’s often a but!) there was one scene that really affected them.

The day I (almost) met the Queen

With the passing of the Queen, I have been thinking about the day I almost met her.  I’ve not got any photos of this to hand as it happened back in 2003 or 4 so you’ll have to take my word for it. Read on to find out why there

lancashire magazine

Lancashire Magazine made my novel All Fall Down their pick of the month this issue. Thanks to their editorial team for a great feature! 

You’ve got to have guts.

It’s scary. I’m a magician and performed on stage at events for thousands of people. I’m an artist and have work in galleries and collectors worldwide. But none of that compares to the sheer thrill and fear that comes with releasing my writing into the world. I’ve thought long and

Win the cover art

One lucky reader will WIN this unique one-of-a-kind piece of art signed by not one, but TWO artists! Created by pro artist Jen Allen and signed by myself and Jen, this truly is a collector’s item.  To stand a chance to WIN this wonderful piece of art, the original used

It’s Official

This really is something quite special for my magician collectors… I’m honoured to announce that I’ve been working closely with the Estates of Dai Vernon and Ross Bertram to produce an original painting of the Professor which will soon be available to own as an Official Limited-Edition Print.   The

A story on my story

Good old fashioned PR – the local paper! The Blackpool Gazette did a piece recently on my new novel, All Fall Down.  You can read it here>> And with copies now signed and shipped worldwide, you can get your signed, dedicated copy direct from me here>> Have you got yours

debut novel

Holy moly… it’s almost upon us.  What is? Well, probably an event which is perhaps in the top 60 billion most important happenings this summer (perhaps).  Yes, I am referring to the official release date of my debut novel All Fall Down.  This dystopian psychological thriller is a whopping 540