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News, views and shoes.*
*There aren’t actually any posts about shoes here. But it rhymed and the rhythm of three works well. Hence the shoes.


Eugene Burger Official Portrait

It’s an absolute privilege… …to announce how humbled and honoured I am to be painting an official portrait of the late, great Eugene Burger (1939 – 2017).  Eugene was a dear friend and we shared many wonderful tours, shows and dinners together. I’m proud to be working closely with Eugene’s

My most popular painting of the year (and best-sellers)

As 2022 draws to a close, I thought it’d be fun to take a quick peek at the best-sellers of the year. The top of the charts was quite a surprise! Read on to find out.  In 5th place… was my Mystery Surprise Art Package. This lucky-dip of art mini-prints

A Netflix Blockbuster Waiting to Happen

My novel All Fall Down just fits into a Chistmas stocking. (Hint, hint!) Meant to be I reckon! And another glowing review just come in…   ‘A Netflix Blockbuster Waiting to Happen! I’m not usually a reader of fiction but I came across All Fall Down after my mate wouldn’t

The man behind the mask

‘Wow!’ That was my dad.  I was probably lying on the floor (to this day, I’m a frequent ‘floor-dweller’, preferring the comfort of the carpet over the settee. A trait which often gets bemused looks from friends when they gesture to their couch, only to find me squatting on the

Toil, Sweat and tears… of joy

My debut magical children’s novel is here! Well… my proof copy is.   Allow me a moment… it’s quite a major day when the proof finally arrives.   It’s crazy to think about the hours that went into this novel. Firstly, the writing of it. That began (I kid you

Tricks AND treats

Move over Harry Potter! Tricks AND Treats await in my new children’s magical fantasy novel! Years in writing and coming to bookshops here in the UK on 24th November. But you can pre-order your signed copy today! Journey into the magical world of the Snowlands – a collection of snow-globes

A rip-roaring debut!

Not my words, but those of Alli Thompson who owns the brilliant Chapter Two Book & Coffee Shop in Fleetwood, Lancashire.  Here’s Alli’s full review (and no money changed hands I promise you…lol! Alli reviews a lot of books and All Fall Down was last Sunday night’s weekly book review

‘avin a laugh

I’m proud and honoured to be an official artist for the world-famous Jongleurs comedy clubs. CEO Kev Orkian said, ‘At Jongleurs Group Ltd, we pride ourselves on working with incredible talent. Jay Fortune is one of those unique talents, we are very excited to be working with him and creating

Why did you write that?

Warning: this post has references to violence in books that you may find distressing. It’s always interesting, eye-opening and exciting to receive feedback from readers.  One reader recently told me that they loved All Fall Down but (yep, there’s often a but!) there was one scene that really affected them.

The day I (almost) met the Queen

With the passing of the Queen, I have been thinking about the day I almost met her.  I’ve not got any photos of this to hand as it happened back in 2003 or 4 so you’ll have to take my word for it. Read on to find out why there