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News, views and shoes.*
*There aren’t actually any posts about shoes here. But it rhymed and the rhythm of three works well. Hence the shoes.


feature profile

Hugely humbled to be featured in a 10-page profile in the latest issue of the high-brow trade magazine Magische Welt. Many new collectors in Germany, Belgium and Holland have already acquired their first print and begun their Jay Fortune art collection. Hashtag blessed! 

A nice surprise was two of my peers were contacted by the editors and asked to write about me; thankfully they were both kind. Although, I did wonder what ‘Kunst’ meant… 

The Great Unlocking begins!

Wanna play a game?

The Great Unlocking is here!

As we come out of lockdown restrictions here in the UK, I thought it would be fun to begin ‘unlocking’ some never-before-offered originals.

So, here’s how this works; The above painting – No, it’s not some new abstract😉 – is an original of mine. In the coming days, my VIP Private Members (sign up at my website for free!) will receive an email with the first piece of this puzzle removed, revealing the painting underneath. As each piece is removed the starting price will go up the value of the piece removed.

How much will you let the value increase before you acquire this original?

This original will start off at a stupidly low value (I’m over-excited about getting our freedom back obviously!) and will be offered first to my VIP Private Members in an email on Tuesday 13th April.

Who knows? You might be bagging yourself a bargain… which I may just come to regret! Ha!

And yes, I have been out in the sun; hence the ‘flushed’ look! #bringonsummer

Swiss-Army Wife?!

Click the link below to read in full! Thanks to MagicSeen Magazine for kind permission to re-publish the article here from the March 2021 issue.

Abigail McBride Interview with Jay Fortune


developing our creative identity

What is a ‘creative identity’? How does an artist of any discipline create one? 

Challenging questions asked of me by Toby at TNG Magazine, to which I put my thinking cap on and let forth my wisdom (!).

Like so many things in life, the path to developing a unique creative identity is not a one-size-fits-all process. Here we talk to Artist N Virtual member Jay Fortune to find out about his own take on developing a creative identity.

Jay’s approach to visual arts is coloured by an 18-year career in magic. Since stepping over into the art world, he has quickly established himself as “one of the UK’s most exciting young artists”, receiving...’

Read the full interview here>> 

Pick a Card… Any Card…

Official FAB* Cards!

*FAB stands for ‘Fine Art Blank’ Cards… although they are also totally fab! Well, I would say that. I was going to call them Creative Retro Art Pieces. Glad I didn’t.

My brand-new Official FAB Cards are here! Both sets contain 5 quality greetings cards, each carefully curated featuring original art from my Girls & Graphics, HumAnimals and Childhood Memories collections.

By owning these unique cards, you can begin your collection of my art for less than £3 per card!

FAB Set 1 features perfectly captured prints of my original paintings; ‘Desire’, ‘Flower Power’, ‘Drinks at Six’, ‘Beaky Blinders’ and ‘Sherlock Hound’.

FAB Set 2 features; ‘Bat Cat’, ‘Bow-wowie’, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Queen of Diamonds’ and ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’.

I’ve over-seen the entire process, selecting the card, their design and the final featured paintings were chosen by collectors and fans online and in my newsletter. These cards have been created with the same care and attention that I give to my original paintings. I know you’ll be delighted with your set!

View the FAB new cards now>>

I’ve been playing cupid.

Love has been in the air and the studio… and I’ve been painting lovers for Valentine’s Day. Cupid or what?!… Here’s a recent commission of a collectors favourite icon and his happy wife:-) And below is a new portrait of my girlfriend. 

24 x 30″
Original painting

‘As a working class guy, I had always admired artistic talent but found it too expensive and out of reach. With the Covid-19 lockdown I found myself unable to do many of the things I would have normally done, such as family holidays, so I had a little bit of spare cash towards the end of the year. I looked into buying an original artwork for a Christmas present for my wife. I saw and loved Jay’s work and contacted him to explain what I wanted. We had a chat on the phone about my more specific requirements and I sent him some photos of the decor in my home so he could colour match his palette to what I wanted. I now have a stunning piece of art on my living room wall and a very happy wife! Who knows, maybe next Christmas I might buy another!’ – S. Ingeldew. UK


Well, if I’m offering to paint your loved one, then I have to paint mine! Here’s a recent portrait of my girlfriend Jen. Particularly challenging as Jen is also an artist. Jen has a dragon across her back, so I was going to title it ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Two’ but in the end decided on ‘Soul Mate’ – I know, I’m a romantic devil. 

A creative powerhouse!

Moi, a creative powerhouse? Not my words, but those used by the kind chaps at The Net Gallery, London who recently interviewed me on my fledgling art career. You can read the full article here>> Find out who my favourite artists are and a glimpse at some of my new work for 2021. Thanks to Richard and Toby at TNG Magazine for the interview. 

John Lewis advert has nothing on me when it comes to Christmas!

My friends, I give you my Christmas brochure. Yes, it is here. It is digital. And it has special Christmas gifts to bestow upon you. Indulge yourself. As it says on the cover, ‘After all, it’s been a sh*t year!’ 

Download via the link below or click on the cover image, share and enjoy with a glass of mulled vino. 

Jay Fortune Christmas Brochure


And they say nothing’s free anymore… well, this IS! Life continues to be very uncertain and crap for many of us, so let me spread some good cheer by giving my magician collectors this special mini-print. To acquire yours for free, enter the coupon code FREEVERNON at check-out and all you’ll pay is P&P. I’ll send your free print after signing it by hand. What’s not to smile about?

Open edition A4 size print of ‘Vernon – Smoke’ by Jay. Printed on premium 350gsm silk, full colour, with white border. Hand-signed by the artist. 

Click here to own yours now>>

Have you seen my other mini-prints for you magic collection? Acquire Houdini and Eugene Burger.

T&Cs: Only 1 mini-print per order. While stocks last. Frame for illustrative purposes only. 

A frame Houdini cannot escape from

One of my collectors in the USA sent me this amazing photograph. It’s of my Houdini print but encased in a wooden frame using wood from Houdini’s estate. Wow! I was totally thrilled to see this. (Thanks Barry!) 

At the moment, there’s still a few mini-prints left. They are normally £30 plus postage, but at the time of writing on sale at just £10 (plus P&P). Snap one up before they disappear for good! View now>>