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  • ‘Wow, Jay, what a lovely surprise. I love (your portrait) and I’m honoured you’d put the time and thought into it. Thank you so much.'

    Derren Brown

  • ‘Jay, I absolutely love your painting of me. It is amazing and your magical talent shines through. Wonderful work. You’re a very talented artist!’

    Uri Geller

  • 'Jay, you're an amazingly talented artist and I love my painting!'

    Samantha Fox

  • 'Our Nelson Mandela portrait has arrived. It has the centre place in our hearts now. Jay’s magic brush has captured the essence and heart of the great man. We are honoured to be the stewards of this fabulous memory of one so great. Thank you.’

    René Carayol, MBE

  • 'Jays fine art is vibrant, exciting and modern. I can see why he is in high demand with collectors worldwide and I am a huge fan of his work.’

    Sir Eric Peacock

  • 'Jay is a highly talented and formidable artist. We look forward to utilising these talents to enhance our celebrity and VIP artists’

    Bob Patmore – CEO Uniq Recording Artists

  • 'Your paintings are stunning. They are nothing short of inspiring and beautiful. You have tapped into something deeply honest and moving. Keep up the great efforts.’

    Dr. R. Rosenkranz. USA.

  • 'I can’t believe how talented you are, your work is truly outstanding.'

    K. Hart. Scotland.

  • ‘Your art is so beautiful. I have no words to describe how much I appreciate your work.’

    F. Damoc. UK

  • 'I am absolutely thrilled, a beautiful piece of art work. You have a great talent.’

    J. Fitzpatrick. UK

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