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News, views and shoes.*
*There aren’t actually any posts about shoes here. But it rhymed and the rhythm of three works well. Hence the shoes.


It’s been an honour…

It’s been an honour… … to have illustrated the trilogy of post-humous books to the magic legend (and deeply missed friend) Eugene Burger. Publisher (and dear friend) Larry Hass commissioned me to create a bespoke limited-edition portrait for each book upon release. The final volume has just been released, featuring

David Berglas

David Berglas MBE When you draw something it lives. When you photograph it, it dies. – John Fowles.  Recently, another friend has departed, someone who was a giant in the magic world. I had the privilege of drawing him when he was with us to which he said, ‘Jay, I

Recently added at the DMM

Recently added posts at… The Dream-Maker’s Manifesto My long form blog, The Dream-Maker’s Manifesto continues to thrive. Recent posts include one simple daily habit that will start you on the path to your dreams. While the blog is free, supporters get access to the full archive which includes more of

Dream it, do it and get paid doing what you love

Get paid doing what you love I’ve made a good living over the last 23 years from three apparently ‘impossible’ industries; magic, art and writing.  My new long-form blog reveals all so you can follow my methods to get paid doing what you love.  The first post is now live

Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, Decisions… Doves I love this photo, the character it projects, the various personalities of the doves and the lighting is great! Fish Another brilliant pic. Superb lighting and exquisite dress and composition. I’m honoured to announce that I will be painting an official portrait of one of the UK’s

New edition

New Edition! To celebrate one year since the release of my debut adult psychological thriller All Fall Down, a new edition is now being published.  All Fall Down was released July 24th 2022. Now one year on, Chronos Publishing have released a revised edition to mark the occasion. As anyone

Unlock the magic today!

Unlock the magic! NEW! Unlock the magic – own a captivating piece of artistry of the legendary Houdini. This is my new open-edition print and a must-have for collectors. Painted entirely by hand (no digital manipulation), this mesmerising portrait captures the intensity behind Houdini’s piercing eyes. Displaying this stunning study

When two artists collide

When two artists collide! What happens when two artists collide?!!! Jen (my girlfriend) and I have been passing the canvas back and forth between us, each adding another layer to the composition. This one’s called ‘Kings of Comedy’ – our take on the legendary duo Laurel & Hardy. Iconic portraiture combined with

Support Local

Support local On Saturday (8th April), my girlfriend Jen and I popped into Fleetwood for lunch at Chapter Two Book & Coffee Shop. Not only was my jacket spud superb but happy to have a photo taken by the bookshop owner Alli of me with my debut novel All Fall

What a whopper!

‘MADE IN AMERICA’ Original 30×40″ £2750 – SOLD What a whopper! One of the biggest paintings I’ve done to date. ‘Made in America’ – oh, the irony. Don’t tell a soul but it was made in the UK! And is now in its new home, also in the UK. I remember