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*There aren’t actually any posts about shoes here. But it rhymed and the rhythm of three works well. Hence the shoes.


Brand new print!

Yes, it’s here! If you simply follow the yellow brick road… 

One of my most popular paintings is now a beautiful Giclée limited edition print. And it gets better! It can’t can it? Oh yes…

I’ll only hand embellish the little tinker for you as well, making your print totally unique, hand-signed and touched up with paint on the print itself. Oh. My. Days. The things I do for you…

Each print is on high quality art canvas, stretched over a deep-edge frame with black edges for you to either hang straight on your wall or you can choose to have the canvas framed to suit your own tastes and décor. This gorgeous print showcases the original art in beautiful colour and the hand-embellishment adds even more texture. 

Your hand-embellished limited edition print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is the perfect size of 24×24″ (1″ deep) making it suitable as part of your home gallery wall or as a feature piece in its own right. Plus, it’s shipped FREE in the UK!

Acquire your ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’ print today – only 45 will ever be made available. Click here to view>>


3 Year Anniversary!

It was 3 years ago this month (April 19th to be exact) when I picked my paintbrushes up for the first time in nigh-on 20 years! This painting (below) was one of the first I did to see if I could still remember how to paint (like riding a bike, I was quickly reminded it’s much more about instinct and feel rather than technique and thought).

A comedy classic! Planes, Trains and Automobiles. John Candy left us way too soon.

This was also one of the first paintings I did where I added my ‘signature’ slashes vertically over the nearly finished art. Quite a crazy move in hindsight! They’ve since become my trademark. I can’t even remember consciously doing them. Even now, I more ‘feel’ it rather than think it. Guess it’s the gut-brain level where maybe true art comes from?

Uri Geller

 Me and Uri!  

This one took around 4 weeks on and off. Uri sent me some photographs from his collection and I created this painting as I loved the intensity of his eyes and the bending spoon. Iconic. 

The finished painting is 30 x 30″. Uri will counter-sign this original painting when he’s next back in the UK and we’ll auction it for his Foundation. 

As a magician myself, Uri has long been the subject of controversary in the magic community. I think he’s a brilliant showman and superb performer. I painted the purple aura around the spoon and Uri to suggest psychic energy.

Really pleased with this painting and look forward to meeting Uri and having his signature alongside mine. I wonder if the pen will bend when he signs it?


It’s been 5 years in the making…

Drum roll please (just slap your thighs for effect)…

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I have another ‘string to my bow’. Back in January 2017, I started to work on an adult fiction novel. I love writing and have written many touring shows, TV ideas, radio scripts, newspaper and magazine columns and many short stories.

During Lockdown, I decided to finish the novel and then did some re-writes. It is a wonderfully dark tale in the sci-fi-thriller genre. (If you like Black Mirror/Tales From the Darkside/Twilight Zone, you’ll hopefully like my work.)

Anyway, long story short… I have just been signed to a publisher! I’m now working with my editor and the book will be available ‘from all good bookshops’ in the UK (and, of course, digitally worldwide) sometime this year. As ever, you’ll be the first to hear all about it and, over the next few months, I’ll share some of the progress including some illustrations I am doing for the book as well.

I appreciate that you’re here on my site as you’re interested in my art. But I hope that my writing may also appeal to you and am excited to tell you more about it as the book moves forward to launch.



We are FAM…ily… I’ve got all my mugs and me

They’re super cute, they’re trendy and they’re here. 

What are, I hear you ask?

Only my new FAMs! Yes, these official Fine Art Mugs (FAMs) will make any tea-time super arty. Each 10oz mug is vibrant and adorned with my artwork. There’s four different FAMs in the new set with more coming in 2022. Which is your fave?

Visit now and check them out! Plus, they’re less than a tenner each. What’s not too like? 

That special something for that special someone

It’s almost that time of year… when we think about all the special people who make our lives meaningful. And the usual dilemma; how to show them how much they mean to us? You’d expect me to say it, but there really is nothing quite like a private commission. Receiving your own specially painted portrait of a cherished memory, loved ones or their favourite icon (or pet!) takes people’s breath away. 

Owning an original artwork is something you’ll look at time and time again. I regularly receive emails from my collectors who tell me how they still enjoy looking at their art as they pass it day in and day out, always finding something fresh about the work.

But don’t take my word for it: check out the many, many reviews from collectors around the globe here and from past commissions here. 

If you’d like to discuss your private painting for this Christmas, please don’t leave it too long! I hate disappointing people, but I have limited slots as each piece takes a while to create and then dry, package and ship. Every artwork is painted entirely be me, packaged by me, certified by me. I handle everything, so your art is the best it can be right up until it leaves my studio. 

Each painting comes ready-to-hang and can be of a size to suit your space and budget. Many people think owning an original is beyond their means, but there’s many solutions. It may be that a charcoal or pencil original might work better for you. Whatever your budget or wall space requirements, do get in contact as I’m confident we can find the perfect solution for you. 


Legendary British model icon and international singer Samantha Fox and I have teamed up to raise funds for the Pink Ribbon Foundation during this month of October as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Sam is an ambassador of the Foundation and works tirelessly to promote the cause which is dear to her heart. 

Here’s a special time-lapse video of me painting the work, plus Sam counter-signing it and talking about the piece. Do make sure your volume is up toward the end of the video. 

The painting is now available to bid on. The auction will continue throughout October, with the highest bid winning this unique original painting signed by both Sam Fox and me. 

Every bidder will receive a free limited edition mini-print of the work. 

To place a bid and help raise funds for this amazing foundation, please email my agent Rick at If you’re able to offer a serious bid, then thank you! Rick will be delighted to hear from you. 

If circumstances don’t allow you to currently make a bid for this unique painting, please do consider sharing this VIP email to others who may wish to make a bid. You beautiful person. 


A Pair of Privates!

‘I’ve just received my new artwork to add to my growing collection of Jay’s fine art. It’s of me playing the character Private Calfor in Rogue One (Star Wars) along with the Lego version recently released. I love this painting! It’s stunning, perfectly rendered and now has pride of place in my home. Jay delivered yet again dealing with everything personally and professionally, with his quality art, constant communication throughout and perfect packing and shipping. As soon as it arrived, I put it straight on the wall, no need to faff about with anything. I’ve already had so many friends and fans compliment the work and enquire about Jay’s skills. I couldn’t recommend his amazing talents enough and his customer service is superb.’

This is a photo of Matt, a good friend and one of my biggest collectors (literally, he has 7 pieces of my art now and he’s also a massive body-building stunt-man!) who played the character Private Calfor in Star Wars Rogue One. When Lego released a version of his character, I just had to paint them both. I titled it ‘A Pair of Privates’! 

To see a video and hear my talking a little about my process on this piece, please click here>> 

To enquire about your own commission, please email me here or check out this link for more details. 

Storming the (magic) world!

Magic Dave continues to storm the magic world… with sets now in the hands and homes of some of the greatest magicians. World Ambassador of Magic Jeff McBride says, ‘Magic Dave is my new hero!’

So, how did ‘Magic Dave’ come to pass? The full story is in this month’s MagicSeen magazine. Click the link below to read ‘The Evolution of Dave’. (Thanks to MagicSeen for kind permission to re-publish the article here.)

Evolution of Dave

Have you got your set yet? The first four illustrations are now available as a set of quality coloured prints. Each print is on premium 250gsm silk and fits a standard A4 frame. Plus they are POSTAGE FREE worldwide! Check them out at my online store today.

Need a giggle?

So, there I was, one particular night of late, feeling like a needed cheering up. So, with pencil and paper, I brainstormed and created Magic Dave. 

Magic who? 


My idea was to paint some pictures of serious performers doing various stage performances and then title them with comical captions. Alas, my style of art doesn’t really lend itself to what I had in mind. So, I approached my good friend and pro illustrator Graham Hey. Graham’s CV is pretty awesome, having illustrated for many leading newspapers and magazines such as Viz and Smut. 

Together, we fleshed the idea of Dave out and Graham used his cartooning skills to really bring Dave to life. 

After further development work with my girlfriend Jen, we finalised this first set of four prints. Each is A4 size (11.7 x 8.3″) on 250gsm premium silk. The first four in the series are available as a complete set here. 

These bright, comical art prints will certainly make you smile. Spread the good cheer and buy two sets and save! One for you, one for a friend. After all, many of us could do with a good laugh right now. 

Visit Dave here and read all about him!