Original 30×40″

£2750 – SOLD

What a whopper!

One of the biggest paintings I’ve done to date. ‘Made in America’ – oh, the irony. Don’t tell a soul but it was made in the UK! And is now in its new home, also in the UK.
I remember ohhing and ahhing over whether I wanted to paint the stars white in the flag background. I opted for pink as otherwise it would draw the eye too much. (Another irony and pun; I didn’t even draw or paint an eye in this work as the girl is looking down… not depressed, just eyes cast down!)
Everything in this painting, as with all of my art, is entirely done by hand. Even the lettering; no stencils. Just paint, patience and several cups of brew! And even that can be dangerous – I’ve washed my brush in my brew a few times, mistaking the water pot for a mug of Yorkshire. Oh, the price we artistes pay for our art!