During September an interview with yours truly (a-hem) will appear in a magic magazine. The interview focuses on my transition from the stage to the studio, from a pro performer to a pro artist. As part of that interview, there’s a competition to win a limited edition print. And, in anticipation of the answer, here’s some info for those who need to know!

I painted this Houdini portrait based on a famous photograph of the escapologist. In it Houdini has his hand resting on a book. This book was to prove controversial (like almost everything Houdini wrote or said) among magicians. The title was ‘The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin’.

Robert-Houdin is known as the Father of Modern Magic. Famous for losing the wizard-like robes of the magicians of the past and adopting the modern tails of high society in which he lived and socialised. Harry Houdini was so impressed with the memoirs of Robert-Houdin that he took the surname of his idol and added an ‘i’ becoming Houdini.

However, in Houdini’s later years he became disillusioned with the teachings and stories of the then late, great Robert-Houdin and wrote the ‘Unmasking…’ book destroying his reputation. The book was heavily criticised among magicians who knew Houdini’s megalomaniacal obsession with fame.

So, there’s a tale for you. May it help those who didn’t know, should they look here, when the time comes.