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‘Wow, Jay, what a lovely surprise. I love it and I’m honoured you’d put the time and thought into it. Thank you so much. Please now destroy all your other work. A thousand thanks – Derren.’ – Derren Brown (on his portrait I painted).

‘Jay, I absolutely love your painting of me. It is amazing and your magical talent shines through. Wonderful work. You’re a very talented artist!’Uri Geller

‘Jay, you’re an amazingly talented artist and I love my painting!’ Samantha Fox

‘In the current climate (July 2020) we wake up expecting the worse. When I went to answer the door, our very own Nelson Mandela portrait had arrived. It has the centre place in our hearts now. Jay’s magic brush has captured the essence and heart of the great man. We are honoured to be the stewards of this fabulous memory of one so great. Thank you.’René Carayol MBE.

‘Jay Fortune’s fine art is vibrant, exciting and modern. He has a well-honed eye for detail and exceptional talent for rendering the human form. I can see why he is in high demand with collectors worldwide and I am a huge fan of his work.’ – Sir. Eric Peacock

Jay is a highly talented and formidable artist. Uniq Recording Artists look forward utilising these talents to enhance our celebrity and VIP artists’ promotional album covers and advertising material. I would highly recommend Jay to work on any project large or small.’ – Bob Patmore – CEO Uniq Recording Artists 

‘I’m lucky enough to not only have a Tommy Cooper, but also a Harry Houdini and an orangutan all drawn by Jay. A pretty eclectic mix but he manages to capture the essence of them all – the repose of Houdini, the frenzidness of Tommy Cooper and the stature of a dominant male orangutan. That’s the sign of a true artist – bravo my friend!’Noel Britten, Past President of the Magic Circle. 

‘Houdini just arrived. Absolutely beautiful. What a talent. Can’t thank you enough.’Mike Caveney. Leading authority on magic history and multi-award winning magician.

‘It is hard to find a gift that delights my husband. This year (2020) I commissioned a custom portrait from English artist Jay Fortune. Larry was not only delighted, he was moved to tears. The portrait now hangs in our dining room where it brings all of us on-going joy. Working with Jay was a pleasure. The portrait arrived safely and speedily. Jay is a thoughtful and collaborative painter. I felt I was part of the creative process. I wasn’t sure a custom portrait of this quality was within our reach but it was surprisingly affordable. My husband is always gracious about the Father’s Day ties and books we give him. But this year he was truly speechless and moved. I am so happy to have found a way to show him how special he is to us.’ – M. Hass. USA

‘Jay Fortune is a magical painter who’s art captures powerful images of the magic world. Now YOU can own these artworks and make them part of your home or office. We are inspired by his art… you will be too!’Jeff McBride. World Ambassador of Magic and global magic superstar.

‘Jay, I had no idea you had such talent besides being a magician. Your art is wonderful, you’re incredibly talented and your portrait of me is stunning.’ David Berglas. Global magic star. 

‘When Jay Fortune does a painting, he has a knack for capturing a special moment in time. This comes through in his portraits of magicians: an instant, preserved for a lifetime.’Max Maven. World’s foremost mentalist. 

‘Jay Fortune’s artistic talent is undeniable in every stroke whether in, charcoal, pencil or paint. I have known or worked with many of the magicians that he has chosen for his portraitures. Jay’s focus on each individual allows him to capture their essence and transcends the medium he has chosen to work in. One can feel a magical  presence in each rendering of his art. Bravo Jay!’Just Alan. World-class magician. 

Your art is simply stunning. I am overwhelmed and a bit speechless. The piece is beautiful. It arrived in perfect condition. Thank you, so much, for your wonderful art!’ – Lawrence Hass. Dean of the world-famous Magic & Mystery School. USA.

‘I received my Vernon mini-print and am proud to have a Jay Fortune to hang on my wall along with my other valuable posters. You have captured the master perfectly.’George Schindler. Dean of the Society of American Magicians.

‘Thank you so much for the portraits. They’re very good – I’m always amazed by the skill that all fine artists have of leaving things out in places where unskilled people would try to fill in every last detail! You have that skill in spades.’Geoffrey Durham. TV Personality, Speaker & Author.

‘Jay Fortune is a man of multiple accomplishments and many talents, and has quite remarkably achieved significant professional success as both a performing magician, and as a painter. The combination of these skill sets uniquely informs his sensibilities in creating distinctively beautiful portraits of magicians, and I am daily pleased by the site of his portrait of Eugene Burger which hangs prominently in my home.’Jamy Ian Swiss. Author and Scholar. 

‘I could not be more pleased with the original portrait painting I purchased from Jay Fortune. It is beautifully executed and has a striking presence. It is an elegant tribute to the subject. The painting was perfectly packaged and shipped without harm from the UK to the US. All around a very satisfying purchase, with wonderful communication throughout. Many thanks!’ – M. Claxton. USA

‘Your paintings are stunning. They are nothing short of inspiring and beautiful. You have tapped into something deeply honest and moving. Keep up the great efforts.’Dr. R. Rosenkranz. USA.

‘My print arrived in perfect condition, thanks. I can’t believe how talented you are, your work is truly outstanding.’ K. Hart. Scotland.

‘We’d like to thank Jay for our fabulous piece of commissioned art!  This is very personal to us as it’s taken from a photograph at our fantastic wedding day 17 years ago. We wanted the piece to reflect the similar style to which our photographer used that day but with the ‘Jay Fortune” spin! Well, Jay did not disappoint and captured this perfectly. It’s such a statement that totally reflects our humour and will provide a great talking point with friends and family. Gives us all a good giggle. It’s totally us. Thanks so much….da Gangsta’s.’ – D. Bamford, London.

‘I’ve just received my portrait of Eugene Burger and I couldn’t be happier! Jay has managed to capture that sparkle in Eugene’s eye that came naturally, every time you saw him perform. I’m amazed at how much character can be put into a piece using just pencil strokes. Sadly, having lost Eugene this year (2017), this picture will hang proudly on my wall, forever reminding me of this truly magical legend. Thanks Jay!’ T. Osler. London.

‘Jay’s portraits of Jeff McBride and the late Eugene Burger hang proudly by the side of my home stage – and I am equally proud of them! Jay succeeds in capturing not just the detail and expressions of both performers, but also their magical essence. They watch over the room like guardian angels. Both pictures are extraordinary and I love them. Eugene used to say that the house of magic has many rooms, and I would add that the creative talent of Jay Fortune has many outlets! Thank you for these two wonderful pieces of art.’ – P. Craven. UK.

‘I just want to say a huge thank you for this wonderful work of art. Even though it’s created with strokes of a pen it comes alive on my wall. It is in pride of place on my magic shrine. Thank you Jay for you expertise and talent. I LOVE IT!’ – M. Stirling. London.

‘I commissioned Jay to create a special portrait for my husband’s 50th. I had an idea of what I wanted and Jay not only expanded on it but created it in record time! The finished portrait is amazing, and great value for money. I know this special gift will be in our family for years and years. Thanks so much Jay! I’m now planning his Christmas present and you’re top of our list to help again.’S. Fletcher. UK

‘I’m delighted with my drawings of Dai Vernon and Paul Daniels; you’ve captured them both perfectly. They are beautifully mounted and will look great when framed. Excellent value for original artwork.’ – S. Thompson. UK.

‘When I started seeing Jay’s work I was so impressed, I knew instantly that he was the perfect person to commission for my portrait. It was such a simple process from sending him the photo to paying and receiving the framed item. The detail and likeness is incredible; Jay has captured the essence of my mum in this portrait. It takes pride of place in my living room now and I know that my mum would be eternally grateful to Jay for producing such an amazing memory of her.’M. Herd. UK

‘Wow! Thank you so so much. These are spectacular. Big Time. You are so talented and both are getting framed by my framer. I so appreciate your talent.’ T. Meseroll. USA.

‘Thank you for the beautiful print.’T. Karr. USA.

‘As a working class guy, I had always admired artistic talent but found it too expensive and out of reach. With the Covid-19 lockdown I found myself unable to do many of the things I would have normally done, such as family holidays, so I had a little bit of spare cash towards the end of the year. I looked into buying an original artwork for a Christmas present for my wife. I saw and loved Jay’s work and contacted him to explained what I wanted. We had a chat on the phone about my more specific requirements and I sent him some photos of the decor in my home so he could colour match his palette to what I wanted. I now have a stunning piece of art on my living room wall and a very happy wife! Who knows, maybe next Christmas I might buy another!’ – S. Ingeldew. UK

‘Got my print; it is amazing! Love to see your inspiring work. It definitely is a gift. Thanks for everything!’Jin. USA.

‘I have just received the Tommy Cooper portrait drawn by Jay. Simply put, it’s stunning. He has managed to catch the personality and cheeky glint in Tommy’s eyes. Everytime I look at it I can hear Tommy’s voice and the sound of laughter. Jay has a talent and we are lucky he is sharing it with us.’I. Stapleton. UK.

‘Thanks so much for the Dynamo picture, which is really splendid.  It’s always so nice to have a piece of original artwork.’ B. Lead. UK.

‘Excellent Jay, your artwork is beautiful.’ – S. Linnell, UK.

‘You are super talented Jay!’S. Sheppard. Spain.

‘Beautiful! I’m amazed at your talent.’C. Koch. USA.

‘I commissioned Jay to paint a black and white version of the tattoo on my back. He floored me with his great vision, eye for detail and craftsmanship and painted an incredible, life-like piece of art. Worth every penny.’ – G. Parker. Amsterdam.

‘I love your work! Amazing!’D. Leiber. USA.

‘Thank you so much for my awesome drawing, a beautiful family of elephants on the go! I’m absolutely in love with them and can’t wait to get them on my wall!’L. Bond. London.

‘Your art is so so so beautiful… you are so talented and I’m so glad that some time ago I had the chance to meet you. I have no words to describe how much I appreciate your work.’F. Damoc. London.

‘I’ve just received my artwork and wanted to thank you. It is amazing! You are an incredible artist.’V. Benoun. USA.

‘I absolutely love my Penn & Teller! Thanks Jay. Gives me a great thrill to own one of your pieces, especially before you become too expensive! Ha!’ L. Williams. France.

‘Thank you, Jay, we shall prominently display this excellent work of yours!’C. May, USA.

‘Jay created this wonderful piece of art of my beloved friend and mentor Eugene Burger. It’s hanging on our wall of fame and cherished memories now! Thanks so much Jay! – G. Parker. Amsterdam.

‘Thanks Jay! Looks fantastic, great quality and loved the personal note.‘  – M. Colman. UK.

[On Houdini] I am absolutely thrilled, a beautiful piece of art work. Kudos to you my friend you have a great talent.’J. Fitzpatrick. UK.

‘Geoff and I received our artwork. Geoff loves his Tommy Cooper and I am delighted with my Jeff McBride and Eugene Berger artwork. Jay is very talented and I love his work. Highly recommended.’G. & S. Linnell.

‘Wow, Sue and I are absolutely thrilled at our new pieces of art. Simply stunning. Thank you so much. They will take pride of place in our home. You’ve captured them both wonderfully. Jay, you are an amazing and talented artist, absolutely love your work.’D. Oakley. UK.

‘Your work is astounding. It came through beautifully. What a brilliant piece of work. Thanks again for the great service and the beautiful artwork.’D. Gorman. USA

‘You are so talented.‘ – L. McPhee. UK.

‘I love your art. Just amazing. I want to own an original one day!’Jin. USA.

‘Your portrait will remain in my family for generations. I’m beyond thrilled to own one of your amazing works. Glad I got you now before you blow up!’ A. Badiani. UK.

‘You are an amazing artist!’ P. Draper. USA. 

‘Just got the painting in Israel. It’s beautiful. Thanks!’Y. Shalev. Israel. 

‘Oh, my goodness Jay, I absolutely love it! You have really captured Larry and his death stare perfectly. I cannot thank you enough for taking a precious photo of a very precious Larry and doing him complete justice! Also thank you for your continued correspondence throughout the process. I’ve been telling everyone about how impressed I’ve been and no doubt when they see the painting, they will be in touch themselves! I can’t wait to show him off! Thank you so more again for taking this commission on and completely acing it! You are a true artist and I’m so glad I came across your work and made the decision to trust you with Larry.’P. St. John, N. Ireland. 

‘Just received my print. It is wonderful. It is beautiful! Thanks. I love it!’B. Smith. USA. 

‘Everyone who has seen it, loves your painting. Thank you so, so, so much. The fact you got it done so quickly and in time for our anniversary made it even more special. It is on display in our Great Room as the center piece of artwork. Everyone comments on it. You have captured one of our most treasured memories perfectly. It’s more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Thank you. We love it and will cherish it forever.’ – T. Meseroll, Los Angeles, USA.

‘It’s an honour to add your beautiful work to my collection.’J. Notaro. USA.

Jay has been a friend for many years and when he displayed his painting “Rock On” I was inspired to commission something similar for myself. Jay guided me through the process from drafting ideas, getting ideas of image, payment and delivery. The 30” x 30” artwork is wonderful – Jay is an artist in the true sense of the definition by St. Francis of Assissi. Thank you for my first artwork commission, and for making it a great experience.‘ – S. Ridlington-White, London. 

‘OMG, Jay, your work is truly incredible! You captured the magicians heart and soul in you paintings. I couldn’t pick a favorite even if I had to. Really great, thanks for making magic a real art.’B. Malone, USA.

‘I have received my print: I love it. I will cherish it and take great care of it. This is so special. Thank you.’K. Larouche, USA.

‘Bow-wowie has arrived! Thank you so much, he is magnificent. Can’t tell you how excited I am.  We really love your work and we have always had border collies and I’m a huge Bowie fan so it somehow seemed like destiny!  We are so delighted to own another one of your paintings.  Can’t wait to show it off to the world! Your artwork is the only originals that we own, we just love your stuff and now we really are getting a collection going.’L. Scarfe, UK.  

‘An absolutely stunning painting completed by an absolutely talented artist. I shall enjoy this artwork for many years!’ I. Danskin, UK.

The commission process was very easy and made even easier by your efficient and regular communications. I sent though some photos of what I wanted and you then offered me some alternative options as to the finished picture. I opted for charcoal and at various stages you sent me through update pictures of the progress you were making, asking for any comments that I might have had. The timelines you provided were spot on and it was a very good experience from my side and we are all delighted with the finished picture. – R. Curtis, UK.

‘Jay, the portrait is magnificent! You did a great job of capturing the spirit of Casper with your oils and canvas. The process was painless from start to finish and I appreciated the updates along way to keep me abreast. The end result is nothing short of incredible.’ – K. Haydek, USA

‘I am absolutely overwhelmed by my magical portrait, “Doc & the Gift of Magic.” Thank you so much, Jay. What an honor!’Geoff “Doc” Grimes. USA

‘When looking for a special and unique gift for my dear friend and mentor in magic, I discovered Jay Fortune’s gallery. When I saw his creative and compelling portraits, I decided to commission a portrait of my friend Geoff.  Jay worked with me throughout the process, asking me for and allowing me to give input as Geoff’s portrait came into being.  The resulting portrait captured the joy and warmth of Geoff’s brilliant personality, from his engaging smile to his endearing magic bunnies. The portrait arrived in perfect condition from the UK, expertly wrapped and packaged. Nothing could have made me happier than the overwhelmed and delighted reaction of my friend when I presented him with this remarkable gift. Thank you, Jay!’T. Heil-Davis, USA.

‘Wow, thanks SOOOOOOOO much!  I got your package today and am blown away by your special gift.  I love that rendition you did of Eugene and doubly appreciate the autograph.  I will have to frame it and display it somewhere prominent in my house. Thanks for all the other goodies, too, and your kind notes.  You are the best!’D. Leiber. USA

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