Month: April 2022


Brand new print!

Yes, it’s here! If you simply follow the yellow brick road… 

One of my most popular paintings is now a beautiful Giclée limited edition print. And it gets better! It can’t can it? Oh yes…

I’ll only hand embellish the little tinker for you as well, making your print totally unique, hand-signed and touched up with paint on the print itself. Oh. My. Days. The things I do for you…

Each print is on high quality art canvas, stretched over a deep-edge frame with black edges for you to either hang straight on your wall or you can choose to have the canvas framed to suit your own tastes and décor. This gorgeous print showcases the original art in beautiful colour and the hand-embellishment adds even more texture. 

Your hand-embellished limited edition print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is the perfect size of 24×24″ (1″ deep) making it suitable as part of your home gallery wall or as a feature piece in its own right. Plus, it’s shipped FREE in the UK!

Acquire your ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’ print today – only 45 will ever be made available. Click here to view>>


3 Year Anniversary!

It was 3 years ago this month (April 19th to be exact) when I picked my paintbrushes up for the first time in nigh-on 20 years! This painting (below) was one of the first I did to see if I could still remember how to paint (like riding a bike, I was quickly reminded it’s much more about instinct and feel rather than technique and thought).

A comedy classic! Planes, Trains and Automobiles. John Candy left us way too soon.

This was also one of the first paintings I did where I added my ‘signature’ slashes vertically over the nearly finished art. Quite a crazy move in hindsight! They’ve since become my trademark. I can’t even remember consciously doing them. Even now, I more ‘feel’ it rather than think it. Guess it’s the gut-brain level where maybe true art comes from?

Uri Geller

 Me and Uri!  

This one took around 4 weeks on and off. Uri sent me some photographs from his collection and I created this painting as I loved the intensity of his eyes and the bending spoon. Iconic. 

The finished painting is 30 x 30″. Uri will counter-sign this original painting when he’s next back in the UK and we’ll auction it for his Foundation. 

As a magician myself, Uri has long been the subject of controversary in the magic community. I think he’s a brilliant showman and superb performer. I painted the purple aura around the spoon and Uri to suggest psychic energy.

Really pleased with this painting and look forward to meeting Uri and having his signature alongside mine. I wonder if the pen will bend when he signs it?