Month: April 2022


Brand new print!

Yes, it’s here! If you simply follow the yellow brick road…  One of my most popular paintings is now a beautiful Giclée limited edition print. And it gets better! It can’t can it? Oh yes… I’ll only hand embellish the little tinker for you as well, making your print totally


3 Year Anniversary! It was 3 years ago this month (April 19th to be exact) when I picked my paintbrushes up for the first time in nigh-on 20 years! This painting (below) was one of the first I did to see if I could still remember how to paint (like

Uri Geller

 Me and Uri!   This one took around 4 weeks on and off. Uri sent me some photographs from his collection and I created this painting as I loved the intensity of his eyes and the bending spoon. Iconic.  The finished painting is 30 x 30″. Uri will counter-sign this