Month: October 2021


That special something for that special someone

It’s almost that time of year… when we think about all the special people who make our lives meaningful. And the usual dilemma; how to show them how much they mean to us? You’d expect me to say it, but there really is nothing quite like a private commission. Receiving your own specially painted portrait of a cherished memory, loved ones or their favourite icon (or pet!) takes people’s breath away. 

Owning an original artwork is something you’ll look at time and time again. I regularly receive emails from my collectors who tell me how they still enjoy looking at their art as they pass it day in and day out, always finding something fresh about the work.

But don’t take my word for it: check out the many, many reviews from collectors around the globe here and from past commissions here. 

If you’d like to discuss your private painting for this Christmas, please don’t leave it too long! I hate disappointing people, but I have limited slots as each piece takes a while to create and then dry, package and ship. Every artwork is painted entirely be me, packaged by me, certified by me. I handle everything, so your art is the best it can be right up until it leaves my studio. 

Each painting comes ready-to-hang and can be of a size to suit your space and budget. Many people think owning an original is beyond their means, but there’s many solutions. It may be that a charcoal or pencil original might work better for you. Whatever your budget or wall space requirements, do get in contact as I’m confident we can find the perfect solution for you. 


Legendary British model icon and international singer Samantha Fox and I have teamed up to raise funds for the Pink Ribbon Foundation during this month of October as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Sam is an ambassador of the Foundation and works tirelessly to promote the cause which is dear to her heart. 

Here’s a special time-lapse video of me painting the work, plus Sam counter-signing it and talking about the piece. Do make sure your volume is up toward the end of the video. 

The painting is now available to bid on. The auction will continue throughout October, with the highest bid winning this unique original painting signed by both Sam Fox and me. 

Every bidder will receive a free limited edition mini-print of the work. 

To place a bid and help raise funds for this amazing foundation, please email my agent Rick at If you’re able to offer a serious bid, then thank you! Rick will be delighted to hear from you. 

If circumstances don’t allow you to currently make a bid for this unique painting, please do consider sharing this VIP email to others who may wish to make a bid. You beautiful person.