Month: March 2021


developing our creative identity

What is a ‘creative identity’? How does an artist of any discipline create one? 

Challenging questions asked of me by Toby at TNG Magazine, to which I put my thinking cap on and let forth my wisdom (!).

Like so many things in life, the path to developing a unique creative identity is not a one-size-fits-all process. Here we talk to Artist N Virtual member Jay Fortune to find out about his own take on developing a creative identity.

Jay’s approach to visual arts is coloured by an 18-year career in magic. Since stepping over into the art world, he has quickly established himself as “one of the UK’s most exciting young artists”, receiving...’

Read the full interview here>> 

Pick a Card… Any Card…

Official FAB* Cards!

*FAB stands for ‘Fine Art Blank’ Cards… although they are also totally fab! Well, I would say that. I was going to call them Creative Retro Art Pieces. Glad I didn’t.

My brand-new Official FAB Cards are here! Both sets contain 5 quality greetings cards, each carefully curated featuring original art from my Girls & Graphics, HumAnimals and Childhood Memories collections.

By owning these unique cards, you can begin your collection of my art for less than £3 per card!

FAB Set 1 features perfectly captured prints of my original paintings; ‘Desire’, ‘Flower Power’, ‘Drinks at Six’, ‘Beaky Blinders’ and ‘Sherlock Hound’.

FAB Set 2 features; ‘Bat Cat’, ‘Bow-wowie’, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Queen of Diamonds’ and ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’.

I’ve over-seen the entire process, selecting the card, their design and the final featured paintings were chosen by collectors and fans online and in my newsletter. These cards have been created with the same care and attention that I give to my original paintings. I know you’ll be delighted with your set!

View the FAB new cards now>>