Month: November 2019


A blindfold, watermelon and Samurai… what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s just imagine it was you. There you are, sat watching a magic show. Your thoughts drifting from the performance to your own private wanderings. Then you notice everyone is looking at you. Uh-oh, you’ve been chosen to participate in the next piece of magic. That’s OK, you think. He’s

Shaman & Showmen

In 2006 I was invited as a guest to perform at Magic & Meaning in Las Vegas. The conference is one of, if not the, leading conference globally to explore the connections between the magician and the human condition. Another world-class conference, also hosted in Las Vegas, is Magic &

from beyond…

It’s hailed to be the magical publishing event of the year, if not the decade. One of magic’s most respected teachers, Eugene Burger (considered THE world’s authority on the philosophy of the magician) passed away in 2017. Eugene began a secret project in 2010 to create two books which recorded

Window shopping

While out and about, one of my collectors happened to see my ARToon proudly on display in a gallery in the Midlands. This piece has proven particularly popular so I’m forever having to type the full title… wish I’d given it a much shorter one now. Hence not typing it

Stop! I need a wee…

Well, that line was supposed to be edited out. George Parker is a fascinating guy. He’s a ‘corporate alchemist’ and spends his time working the world’s biggest corporations teaching them about creative transformation. I know him as a superb magician – and friend. George and I have undertaken many fun