Month: November 2019


A blindfold, watermelon and Samurai… what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s just imagine it was you.

There you are, sat watching a magic show. Your thoughts drifting from the performance to your own private wanderings. Then you notice everyone is looking at you. Uh-oh, you’ve been chosen to participate in the next piece of magic.

That’s OK, you think. He’s a good magician. Kind, friendly, competent.

So, up you go, into the spotlight.

Before you know it, you’re on your back, hands under you (for your own safety you’ve been advised), a watermelon on your stomach. The magician is now blindfolded and brandishing a Samurai Sword. He spins himself around, raises the sword and before you can think, ‘have I got a donor card?’, he slices the sword down… your eyes clamp shut.

Applause leads you to gently open your eyes. Are you dead? Is this heaven?

On the floor are two halves of watermelon. The magician is smiling. You’re fine. Intact.

What the hell just happened?

Well, you’ve just met Tom Meseroll. Multi-award-winning L.A. based magician, pastor, meditator, astro-physicist, author, martial arts expert…

To read my full interview with Tom in the current issue of MagicSeen, please click the link below. Thanks to MagicSeen Magazine for kind permission to reproduce here. 

Tom Meseroll

Shaman & Showmen

In 2006 I was invited as a guest to perform at Magic & Meaning in Las Vegas. The conference is one of, if not the, leading conference globally to explore the connections between the magician and the human condition.

Jeff McBride, multi-award-winning magician and lecturer.

Another world-class conference, also hosted in Las Vegas, is Magic & Medicine, which explores how the healing power of the magician can be utilised by medical practitioners.

Now, after years of behind-the-scenes negotiations and the generosity of friends, I’m excited to be bringing a flavour of both of these events to the UK for the first time ever.

Shaman & Showman takes place on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March, 2020, in Blackpool (the Las Vegas of the UK!).

Hosts Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Hass discuss this unique conference weekend for which tickets are now on sale. Watch the video here>>

Tickets available from £55 per day (Early Bird until 31.12.19), including over £150s worth of FREE merchandise. Limited spaces. Click here for more information.

from beyond…

It’s hailed to be the magical publishing event of the year, if not the decade.

One of magic’s most respected teachers, Eugene Burger (considered THE world’s authority on the philosophy of the magician) passed away in 2017. Eugene began a secret project in 2010 to create two books which recorded his magic theory, performances and secrets which would only come out after he had passed.

Entrusting the project to Larry Hass, Eugene wished for his magic to finally be revealed for future magicians to study, practice and perform, as opposed to taking his secrets to the grave.

Larry entrusted me to collaborate on the illustrations for these books. We began working in secret in the Autumn of 2018.

Now, nearly a year later, in Las Vegas, November 2019, the first of the two books has been released. Titled ‘From Beyond’ it’s hit the magic world with high praise and critical review.

I illustrated chapter icons and many other ‘secrets’. For those in the know, many of the illustrations (pen and ink) are subtle with hidden meanings. Larry and I can finally talk about the book too – which is a relief! I only had to keep it secret for around a year… Larry for almost a decade!

Well, they do say we magicians are great at keeping secrets.

2020 sees Larry and I on a book tour of the UK and also beginning work on the second volume, due for release in 2021.

Window shopping

‘Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Jo-ker’ captured by a collector.

While out and about, one of my collectors happened to see my ARToon proudly on display in a gallery in the Midlands. This piece has proven particularly popular so I’m forever having to type the full title… wish I’d given it a much shorter one now. Hence not typing it again in this paragraph!

If you’re out and about and happen to stumble upon an art gallery selling my original art, do take a selfie and tag me in it. or, if you’re feeling in the mood to spend a bit of your hard-earned cash on yourself, why not pop in and buy it? Fine Art tends to go up in price, so not only will you have a nice, bright unique piece of original artwork to add to your home, but also something to hand on in the future.


Stop! I need a wee…

Well, that line was supposed to be edited out.

George Parker is a fascinating guy. He’s a ‘corporate alchemist’ and spends his time working the world’s biggest corporations teaching them about creative transformation. I know him as a superb magician – and friend.

George and I have undertaken many fun projects together; from team-building creative days, to joint magic shows in London and Amsterdam. We’ve also worked together in Las Vegas.

So when George announced he would like me to be a guest on his Creation Game podcast, I said ‘sure’. Knowing we both get deep on theory and performance when we get going, the hour long podcast became about 90 minutes. Not bad.

At one memorable point, about an hour in, my well-trained bladder was thinking, ‘yep, that’s about time, can we ‘go’ now?’ as a parcel was delivered to George’s home in Amsterdam. Great timing! George said he had to get the door and I remarked that was fine as I needed to go to the gentleman’s convenience.

George, wonderfully, left that part of the podcast in. He says he likes the podcasts to be natural.

Well, here’s the link. in it we discuss my journey from being a child Jesus (in a school play) through to my own West-End shows and beyond to my recent transition of a full-time artist. Interspersed with memories and touching on theory and personal philosophies, it makes for an interesting discussion! Enjoy!

Simplecast link: