Month: January 2018



It’s a strange feeling, when you create something, whether that’s written, drawn or otherwise, and then somebody buys it with their hard-earned money. They then display it and enjoy it. I say ‘strange’ as the process isn’t connected to the outcome, which, you as the creator won’t get to experience.

Artlimes features Wundre

Delighted to be one of the very first designer furniture brands on Artlimes – a major retailer for high-end art and design. We were approached by their enthusiastic team to feature Wundre, so have launched three months ahead of schedule. Nice start to 2018!

Magical workshop

It was a fun, emotionally exhausting week of workshops. And all started with a random conversation… Sometimes, pieces of the puzzle are floating all around and I often have a knack of seeing them and putting them together. The results aren’t always satisfying but never-the-less, I’ve had some right corkers