Month: May 2017


All in a day’s work

I took a moment the other day to realise just how varied my ‘job’ is. And yes, I say ‘job’ as it’s not really a chore. More ‘paid-play’. But I digress… In one day, I took a call re doing a series of magic workshops as part of my Magic Moments initiative for potentially 60 special need schools, then had a meeting re my Wundre furniture, spoke to a client re Jen Allen doing another live royal portrait, went cycling around a local nature reserve, finished the first draft of a short horror story which is one of many I’m thinking of compiling into a collection, began sketching a new piece of furniture for Wundre which is pretty awesome (even if I do say so myself… a-hem!), devised a new logo for a wellbeing centre in London’s famous Primrose Hill who I’m working with on their marketing, proof read a document for a new book by an established philosopher/author, held talks about a new conference I’m planning for Spring 2018, furthered discussions on a tour in 2018 and helped a magician work through a new magic trick. Phew! One of the benefits of risking new ventures and hoping that at the end of the day you’ve got money in the bank to continue to play is precisely that I never know what might present itself tomorrow. I never know who will call or what opportunities might come around. Not always good stuff, but on the rollercoaster of life it certainly keeps things interesting. Variety is indeed the spice of life. What do you do to shake up your reality on a daily basis?

Human Dynamo

Magical_ArtistHuman dynamo? Not my words, but those of the editor of MagicSeen Magazine; Jay is a multi-talented man who is equally at home designing high end ‘magic themed’ furniture as he is providing excellent drawings for magic books and trick instructions. We find out more about this human dynamo in the May issue.’

Thanks to them for this interview about my art skills used within the magic community for books, adverts and more.

Read the full article here; Jay Fortune Article Iss. 74