Month: April 2017


From BGT to MMS

I recently shot a great mind-reading trick using a borrowed book for our Premium Members at Marvin’s Magic School. Coincidentally, 8 year old Issy Simpson did excellently on last week’s Britain’s Got Talent with a mind-reading book trick. Issy is the grand-daughter of a good magician friend of mine Russ Stevens – looks like the future of magic is in safe hands! See Issy’s audition here. Well done Russ and Issy!

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New Home, New Location!

After visiting for years now, I’ve set up home in the Mecca of UK Entertainment; Blackpool! Such an enthusiastic and creative community of artists, entertainers and the location for the world’s largest annual magic convention. Few weeks of making the new place a creative hub, then back out with new projects, launching my Wundre range of furniture and much more. Exciting times ahead.

And I can see this little baby from four different windows in the new home…