Month: April 2016


Blackpool Magic!

The Trevor George Entertainment Agency, the UK’s longest established industry agency has merged with Sternberg Clarke, London’s premier supplier of corporate entertainment. Their first showcase in Blackpool this week was sensational; featuring stunning dancers, circus artistes, comedy speciality, musical interludes, singers and even branded sticks of Blackpool Rock!

I’ve been performing, producing and writing with Anne George (MD of Trevor George Entertainments) for many years and we’re always on the look-out for top talent through our UK-wide auditions and showcases.

The future of entertainment is in safe hands, and the UK boasts some of the world’s greatest entertainers. So, turn off the TV and go see some real talent at a theatre near you! (Rant over).

Gininet – Next Live Event – Fri 29th April

Next Friday is fast approaching, there are still a few tickets up for grabs, get your ticket or invite a guest and join us for what promises to be another stimulating and engaging presentation.

Friday 29th April – James Eder – Founder The Beans Group and Causr, an innovative way to connect with people and maximise opportunities that surround us every day. Find out how Causr can help you increase your connections and generate more business.

Please click here to get your free ticket to attend the event or here to join the event live online via Gininet.

Seats are limited so if you can make it register now, if you can’t be there on the day, simply watch from your office via Gininet!

Producing a different kind of ‘Wonder Worker’.

Really excited to have been approached by one of the world’s leading osteopaths to produce his first UK symposium for medical professionals. I’m used to manipulating playing cards and coins to elicit wonderment, however, this guy manipulates the whole body and performs miracles!

Walter ‘Wally’ McKone has lectured worldwide and is now embarking on his first UK events. As an osteopath he is in high demand for lectures, treatment, workshops and as an author. It’s good fun to now be producing a different kind of wonder worker and although this initial conference will be for medical professionals, there’s other ideas in the pipe-line for more mainstream wellbeing seminars.

Date and info: October 7th & 8th near London. Details.


I’ve decided I’m M.A.D.

How do you sum up what you do, and who you are when asked?

You know, when you’re around the table with new folks and everybody says a bit about who they are. See, as a magician, I have the advantage of being able to show what I do (e.g. do a trick!) but then folks can often think, ‘He’s a big-headed b’stard’… so I can instead roll off some of the projects and things I’ve done, but if you talk for too long, they think, ‘He’s a big-headed b’stard’…


I’ve decided to introduce myself to folks by telling them I’m M.A.D.

Magician, Artist, Designer.

Magician = there’s the shows, talks, events, online magic school blah, blah, blah…

Artist = illustrator and visualiser and manager of artist Jen Allen blah, de blah…

Designer = creator of my range of bespoke statement illusion furniture.

Think I can do that in about 20 seconds and leave the conversation open for follow-ups… or will they now think, ‘He’s a MAD b’stard’?!

How do you sum up your life in a sentence?