Month: April 2013

It’s a glowing sign of the future, the distribution of wealth to assist others who are trying hard to make ends meet. Although we’re perhaps a way off from the end of a monetary society, provides a micro-finance platform for you to provide a small investment in someone’s future.

From as little as a £15 loan, you can browse the various entrepreneurs and invest with whom you like. Times are hard here at home, yet we should always remember those who have far less than us. Anyway, preach over! Reverand Fortune is retiring now… the opportunity is there. Will you take it?

Life in Perpetual beta

If you’ve got 40 minutes, this is time well spent;

Life in Perpetual Beta

Bring on the creativity!

Which kind of personality are you?

So, according to experts you’re going to spend over 100,000 hours during your working life. Might as well spend that time doing something you love and getting paid for it. Check out which kind of personality you are and find the right career for you;

Have fun!