Month: December 2011


Shaolin and Sarkozy

Shaolin Warriors Matthew Ahmet and Wiktor Glowacz were invited by the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, to perform at his Christmas celebration at the world famous Magador Theatre in central France. The performance was a great success and the President invited the Shaolin Warriors back to Elysee Palace to receive gifts and have a tour of his wonderful home. President Sarkozy was so impressed the Shaolin Warriors have already been booked for a return performance in 2012.

Corporate Christmas

Another busy festive season of shows saw Jay perform daily at corporate Christmas parties and events meeting and performing alongside TV personalities, sports stars and VIPs. Venues included a residency at The Tower of London. Jay was also busy working with many other venues and bookers to provide magicians for parties across the capital. Clients included top account firms, solicitors, marketing and promotion agencies plus VIP ticketed parties.


Charity Headliners

The Shaolin Warriors were the speciality act at this years Presidents Sporting Club’s annual Christmas party. Celebrities attending the event included Frank Bruno, Neil Pearson (Drop the Dead Donkey), Hattie Hayridge (Holly of Red Dwarf fame), and other stars of sport and screen. The Presidents Sporting Club is a charity which raises funds for aspiring children with learning difficulties and the five of the Shaolin Warriors demonstrated their awesome core strength and fitness through displays of weaponry, animal kung-fu forms and acrobatics. The show was hosted by Jay Fortune, manager of the Shaolin Warriors.