Spring Collection '23

Our new collection under our joint signature J&J. Painted by Jay Fortune and Jen Allen . Find out more below.

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Armed and Arty!

Welcome to our Spring Collection 2023. 

This season Jen and I are delighted to announce our unique joint-signature collection ‘J&J’.

Combining our talents (a-hem!), we have painted these exciting new artworks featuring classic icons from the Golden Age of Cinema.


Each work features portraiture with visual graphics and textual elements. All our work is entirely done-by-hand: no AI, no stencils, just old-school artistic paintbrush magic! 

Below, we’ll share details of our process and info on how you can commission your own J&J original. Enjoy!


Our new collection - please scroll on for further details of each piece.

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'Kings of Comedy' by J&J

Original painting – 24 x 36″ – Available framed or unframed.

Original composition of the legendary duo Laurel & Hardy.

Jay: ‘This original began with the King of Spades pip painted in the top left corner. I then passed the painting to Jen who created the portraits of Stan & Ollie. Once done, the painting came back to me to add more graphic elements, the King of Clubs pip and more, before going back to Jen. It’s like pass-the-painting!’

Now available to own. Reserve today. Pay monthly interest-free. FREE shipping worldwide.

£2695 framed. £2495 unframed. 


'Live, Laugh, Love'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – Available framed or unframed.

Hepburn and cupid combined as the Queen of Hearts complete with silver leaf crown! This statement piece has a mixed pastel palette of soft pinks, bright yellows and deep purples. 

A stunning original that you’ll love to own!

Now available, £2495 framed – £2295 unframed.

'Here's lookin' at you kid'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 36″ – Available framed or unframed.

Bogart and Bergman as the King and Queen of Hearts. White crowns, card pips and a layered background complete this beautiful piece. 

Will make a feature of any home gallery or office space. A must for Casablanca fans!

Now available. Reserve today! Pay monthly. FREE Shipping worldwide. Only £2695 framed or £2495 unframed.

'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – available framed or unframed. 

Monroe as the Queen of Diamonds! Covered in kisses with a soft palette of complimentary pastel colours, this painting oozes glitz and glamour. With her silver leaf crown giving that extra sparkle, this original artwork is now available to own. 

All our works are painted on deep-edge box canvas, so you can hang it framed or unframed. The choice is yours. 

With FREE global shipping, attractive payment options, what’s not to like?

£2495 framed – £2295 unframed.

'King of Clubs'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – Available now framed or unframed.

The King of Cool as the King of Clubs! Legendary Steve McQueen in this original composition with bold graphics and club pip background. All painted by hand.

Available to own today with FREE shipping. 

Framed £2495 – Unframed £2295

Pay monthly 0% interest free. Don’t miss your chance to acquire this original artwork by Jen Allen and Jay Fortune.

'Life is Beautiful'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – Now available framed or unframed.

This clear, concise composition has lots of light and space giving Hepburn centre of attention. The soft pastel palette gives an ethereal quality to this work. 

Jen: ‘The quote Life is Beautiful is the essence of Hepburn’s personal philosophy of beauty coming from within. I am very fond of this piece.’

Acquire this stunning original for your collection today!

Free shipping, framed or unframed, it’s ready to hang straight out of the box, straight onto your wall. 

Framed £2495 – Unframed £2295.

'Live Fast'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – Yours to acquire today framed or unframed.

This gambling themed painting features the legendary James Dean, with bold graphics and a hand of Aces. The entirely hand-painted piece has lots of graphic elements in the background, all carefully painted and over-painted to give a pleasing composition. This is one you’ll be proud to own and display in your home. 

Available now – Framed £2495 – Unframed £2295.

Free shipping worldwide. 

'Shine like Diamonds'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – now available to own.

This playing-card-esque composition features Marilyn Monroe as the shining star – the Queen of Diamonds! The pastel palette gives the painting a fresh look, easy on the eye yet full of sparkle. 

Now available with free shipping. 

Framed £2495 – Unframed £2295.

Fully certified original direct from our studio. 

'King of Cool'

Original painting by J&J – 24 x 30″ – Now available to own.

The subtle background, crown and club pips compliment the bold quality of the portrait of McQueen and the red textual elements. 

This slick piece will be a vibrant and powerful addition for your home gallery or office.

Framed £2495 – Unframed £2295.

Reserve today and pay monthly interest free. Don’t miss out on your chance to acquire this art. 

Not sure who you'd like?

Why not commission your own J&J original!

Here’s Jay with a J&J commission for a collector. They wanted their favourite movie star along with an appropriate line from their fave film. We discussed different options and the finished work was 30 x 30″ with a slick, smart 2″ frame.

If you have a favourite film or icon, then please get in touch so we can create a unique J&J original just for you, to fit your available wall space and budget. 

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The key thing is to reserve the piece you’d like for your collection so we can hold it for you! Please contact us today with the title of the work you wish to acquire and we will be in touch.