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"Ah, my fellow travellers, my witches and wizards... welcome to my magic school where I'll be teaching you the Magic of Snowlands!"
Frazzen the Wizard
City of Nivup's Master Magician

Illustration copyright Jen Allen 2022 – artbyjen.co.uk

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If you’ve listened to ‘Snowlands Book I – Zak & The Wanderer’ audiobook, then your journey continues here… download the Magic of Snowlands for FREE and learn amazing magic tricks that you can make and perform, all taught by Frazzen, the Wizard of Nivup. 

Each magic trick is simple to do and you’ll learn many magic tricks from the story you have just heard. 

You’ll also learn the one thing magicians pride themselves on… namely, keeping secrets. 

Simply click the button below and you’ll be able to read the Magic of Snowlands and take The Magician’s Oath. 

So get ready to learn, make and perform some amazing magic tricks from Snowlands. You’ll be like Zak and Anstey in no time!