This dystopian psychological thriller will take your breath away! My debut novel for adults. Now available from all good bookshops and signed copies directly from my store.


Journey into the magical world of the Snowlands. Learn fantastic magic tricks along the way! For the young and young-at-heart, available in bookshops and from my store.


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Welcome to Hell on Earth where all is not what it appears to be.

Michael Hegessay, proud father, loving husband and pillar of the community is the first Floater. Without explanation a mysterious force takes him to the sky, leaving him hovering above his house. In his hand, his briefcase containing a dirty secret that could bring his world crashing down. As the day wears on it’s not long before the skies are full of people, each with a story to tell.

On the ground, fighting their own demons, a group of unlikely misfits come together in this explosive tale of Armageddon.

Stunningly visual, All Fall Down takes you on a journey through the lightest and darkest parts of humanity’s collective soul.

This dystopian psychological thriller will take your breath away. 

For children 

Snowlands - Book I

This epic magical fantasy is only just beginning!

Journey into the magical world of the Snowlands – a collection of snow-globes owned by 12-year-old Zak Power. Along the way, you’ll learn fantastic magic tricks you can do as you follow the adventures of Zak and his friends in the infinite worlds of the Snowlands!

You’ll meet monsters, giants, friends and foes, magical beings, wizards and find out who is responsible for causing the snow to fall within the Snowlands…

In Book I, Zak awakes to find himself magically transported into the Snowlands. He soon discovers his quest and goes in search of the mysterious stranger known as the Wanderer. If you’re young or just young-at-heart, get ready for a thrilling ride as you journey into the magic of Snowlands!

Snowlands I - Audiobook

Now available as an audiobook, listen to the adventures of Zak and Anstey as they navigate the various realms within the Snowlands. 

Narrated by professional actor and voice-over artist, Steve Fortune, the magic of Snowlands comes to life in this magical tale. 

Want to know more? Listen to an interview with Steve and I by clicking the blue button below. Enjoy!

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Book Reviews

After all the sweat, toil and tears, my novels hit the bookshops. Hip-hip-hooray! But what doth ye merry readers think?  Will they love it or loathe it? Scroll on and see…

'...All Fall Down is an intense and thrilling ride through the highs and lows of the human experience.’

– Barry Jones. BAFTA & Rose d’Or nominated magician and author

'All Fall Down' by Jay Fortune

‘This is the debut from Jay Fortune and what a rip-roaring debut it is.

The chapters are super short, each from a different character perspective on the situation in hand. There are a lot of characters, but each is important and it’s interesting to see how their stories interlink.
If you are adverse to swearing or sexual references, this isn’t the book for you. But if you like a stunningly visual fantasy novel, with dark themes running through it, you’ll love it. It had undertones of Stephen King, although I think Fortune actually ends his novel more intelligently!
This isn’t just a fantasy though. There are some really serious issues interspersed within the narrative, such as child abuse, human trafficking, and murder. It wasn’t what I expected, but that’s often a good thing. A solid debut which will stay with you long after you finish it.’
  • A. Thompson, Proprietor, Chapter Two Book & Coffee Shop, Lancashire.

‘Snowlands - Zak and The Wanderer'

‘Wonderful, engaging and even a practical magic book!

It’s a children’s book and it may be the kid in me speaking but I really liked it as an adult. I admit I’m a romantic and love to make up stories and even tend to weave a lot of fantasy into my day-to-day life. It makes it a lot more interesting and fun. And maybe that’s the key to real life magic: blending imagination and reality. 

The cover art and photo illustrations are special. They’re intriguing and I’ve never really seen this type of art. The book also hides lots of magic tricks that kids (and adults :-)) can learn. There’s a section at the end of the book that explains the tricks (with illustrations; by the author)’ – G. Struijker Boudier, Amazon 5 stars.

A Netflix blockbuster waiting to happen!

‘I came across All Fall Down after my mate wouldn’t stop going on about it. As a fan of anything dystopian, this book blew my mind.

Rather than most novels of the same vein being set in some detached future wasteland, this book is set in the here and now, a London city which is engulfed by an unknown and mysterious force… It’s gripping visual and detailed language makes me believe that what is enclosed could actually happen…. Which is terrifying.

The book simmers beautifully throughout until, like a magician revealing a big ‘aha’, the ending leaves you closing the kindle and sitting in a momentary state of wonder thinking how beautifully that narrative reveals its hidden secrets and leaves you guessing towards the outcome. 

I can’t believe this is the author’s first work as it feels like a career defining novel up there with the greats. An exceptional piece of work by a very talented and masterful author!’ – C. Benson, Amazon 5 stars.


Readers reviews

'‘I have recently finished reading this book and I am still awed... All Fall Down left me guessing right until the end!'
'This is a great read… I didn’t want to put this down. The story grabs you from the first paragraph and doesn’t let you go until the last!'
'This is an immensely clever book, a completely unique story and will hold you to the end. A must read!'