Can you solve the anagram?


Over two years in the writing, my new book will be out next month

This is a collection of short stories for adults. They are all based around a theme. But what is this theme? 

That’s where YOU can win a copy. 

Below is an anagram of the book’s title which is also the theme of each story.

Here’s the competition: simply rearrange the letters below into a new word and send me your answer of what you think the new title might be.

All correct answers received will be put into the ‘hat’ for a chance to WIN a copy of the book upon release next month. 

Here’s the anagram: OF SINCE SONS

The short story collection will be available as a limited-edition hardback of only 1000 copies, signed and numbered by me. Each copy also comes with something special… but more on that next time. 

There’s lots more to tell you about this new collection. Stay subscribed and next month, I’ll be sending a special VIP update with first photos, cover artwork and full details of how you can obtain one of these limited copies. 

In the meantime, rearrange the letters in the anagram above and send me your guess of the book’s title and theme. I’ll draw a winner on July 6th, so please ping me your answer along with your name and address by email before then and I’ll announce the winner next time. Good luck!