New Edition!

To celebrate one year since the release of my debut adult psychological thriller All Fall Down, a new edition is now being published. 

All Fall Down was released July 24th 2022. Now one year on, Chronos Publishing have released a revised edition to mark the occasion. As anyone who is involved in printing knows, the manuscript can be perfect as it heads to the printers only for the gemlins to get in and cause mischief as the book comes hot off the press. So, this lightly revised edition has some formatting issues corrected and (for those easily offended readers) some of the expletives removed. 

I finished writing All Fall Down during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. I think a lot of my frustration that we all experienced at that time came through in that final revision before the book saw its first printing in summer ’22. That said, given the end-of-days the characters are experiencing in the book, I think you’d also swear like a trooper (do troopers really swear that much?) if you found yourself mysteriously floating in the sky as the world around you plunged into chaos. 

All Fall Down has received so much praise and I’m really excited about its future. The highly anticipated sequel, Jared’s Story, will be published through Chronos sometime in 2024 or ’25. 

The first draft is almost complete and then it will live in the dark for a while as I work on other stories. After a prolonged detachment, I’ll do a rewrite and then it’ll be with my editor. It takes a long time to finalise a story, so I appreciate the patience of fans of the first book!

Then it’ll be off to the printers so the gremlins can do their worst.