A Netflix Blockbuster Waiting to Happen

My novel All Fall Down just fits into a Chistmas stocking. (Hint, hint!) Meant to be I reckon! And another glowing review just come in…
‘A Netflix Blockbuster Waiting to Happen!
I’m not usually a reader of fiction but I came across All Fall Down after my mate wouldn’t stop going on about it.
As a fan of anything dystopian, this book blew my mind. I would be amazed if this doesn’t get picked up for a Netflix series soon.
Rather than most novels of the same vein being set in some detached future wasteland, this book is set in the here and now, a London city which is engulfed by an unknown and mysterious force… It’s gripping visual and detailed language makes me believe that what is enclosed could actually happen…. Which is terrifying.
The book simmers beautifully throughout until, like a magician revealing a big ‘aha’, the ending leaves you closing the kindle and sitting in a momentary state of wonder thinking how beautifully that narrative reveals its hidden secrets and leaves you guessing towards the outcome.
I can’t believe this is the authors first work as it feels like a career defining novel up there with the greats…. An exceptional piece of work by a very talented and masterful author!’Carl Benson. Amazon 5 Stars. 
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