Month: December 2022


My most popular painting of the year (and best-sellers)

As 2022 draws to a close, I thought it’d be fun to take a quick peek at the best-sellers of the year. The top of the charts was quite a surprise! Read on to find out.  In 5th place… was my Mystery Surprise Art Package. This lucky-dip of art mini-prints

A Netflix Blockbuster Waiting to Happen

My novel All Fall Down just fits into a Chistmas stocking. (Hint, hint!) Meant to be I reckon! And another glowing review just come in…   ‘A Netflix Blockbuster Waiting to Happen! I’m not usually a reader of fiction but I came across All Fall Down after my mate wouldn’t

The man behind the mask

‘Wow!’ That was my dad.  I was probably lying on the floor (to this day, I’m a frequent ‘floor-dweller’, preferring the comfort of the carpet over the settee. A trait which often gets bemused looks from friends when they gesture to their couch, only to find me squatting on the