Toil, Sweat and tears… of joy

My debut magical children’s novel is here! Well… my proof copy is.
Allow me a moment… it’s quite a major day when the proof finally arrives.
It’s crazy to think about the hours that went into this novel. Firstly, the writing of it. That began (I kid you not) in 2016. Then it goes to my editor, Taryn, who sends it back with suggestions (always constructive and not ‘Jay, why don’t you consider a different career!!!’). Then I re-write. And we go back and forth.
Then we collaborate with other artists. In this case Marja Lingsma and Jen Allen. Then we begin plotting the illustrations and book cover design ideas.
Then I write and brainstorm the magic part of the book (yep, the young reader will learn actual magic tricks as the story unfolds). So, I collaborate with my close magician friends on this.
So, after all that, there’s proof-readers, format designers, printers, publishers, marketing, distribution… phew! That whole process culminates with the proof copy plopping onto my doormat for another final check.
And you can get the final product of all those sweat, tears and toils in this wonderful 270-page book for just £8.99 with FREE UK postage. Crazy!
And was it all worth it? You BET! Wait until you read it. I think you’ll enjoy it, especially making up the magic tricks with your kids (or grandkids, nieces and nephews).
Now available directly from me and I’ll post it free if you pre-order it direct before it hits the bookshops on Thursday 24th Nov – 2 weeks today. I’ll even sign the little devil for you. Thanks for your support.
Buy your Christmas copy now for only £8.99 >>