Tricks AND treats

Move over Harry Potter! Tricks AND Treats await in my new children’s magical fantasy novel!

Years in writing and coming to bookshops here in the UK on 24th November.

But you can pre-order your signed copy today!

Journey into the magical world of the Snowlands – a collection of snow-globes owned by 12-year-old Zak Power. Along the way, you’ll learn fantastic magic tricks you can do as you follow the adventures of Zak and his friends in the infinite worlds of the Snowlands!

You’ll meet monsters, giants, friends and foes, magical beings, wizards and find out who is responsible for causing the snow to fall within the Snowlands…

In Book I, Zak awakes to find himself magically transported into the Snowlands. He soon discovers his quest and goes in search of the mysterious stranger known as the Wanderer. This epic magical fantasy is only just beginning.

If you’re young or just young-at-heart, get ready for a thrilling ride as you journey into the magic of Snowlands!

I’m so excited about this new novel. It has everything I loved about books I read as a kid; adventure, challenges, fascinating characters and, of course, lots of magic! 

This 272-page paperback is now available to pre-order directly from me guaranteeing you one of the very first copies hot off the press.

I’ll sign and dedicate your copy (just put a short note at check-out if you want your copy dedicated to the young reader you intend it for). I can’t wait for you to read it!

With incredible photo-art illustrations by Dutch artist Marja Lingsma and stunning cover art by Jen Allen, as the reader becomes engrossed in the story, they are directed to different pages to learn amazing magic tricks which mirror the narrative. 

The perfect magical Christmas gift for the young wizard and witch in your life. Suitable for 7-12 years. Although, I’d like to think that adults will enjoy the ride just as much.

Pre-order your copy today!