A rip-roaring debut!

Not my words, but those of Alli Thompson who owns the brilliant Chapter Two Book & Coffee Shop in Fleetwood, Lancashire. 

Here’s Alli’s full review (and no money changed hands I promise you…lol! Alli reviews a lot of books and All Fall Down was last Sunday night’s weekly book review on her blog):

Sunday Night Book Review (on Monday because I couldn’t get on the internet last night) – All Fall Down by Jay Fortune – This is the debut from Jay Fortune and what a rip-roaring debut it is.
The chapters are super short, each from a different character perspective on the situation in hand. There are a lot of characters, but each is important and it’s interesting to see how their stories interlink.
If you are adverse to swearing or sexual references, this isn’t the book for you. But if you like a stunningly visual fantasy novel, with dark themes running through it, you’ll love it. It had undertones of Stephen King, although I think Fortune actually ends his novel more intelligently!
This isn’t just a fantasy though. There are some really serious issues interspersed within the narrative, such as child abuse, human trafficking, and murder. It wasn’t what I expected, but that’s often a good thing. A solid debut which will stay with you long after you finish it.’
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