You’ve got to have guts.

It’s scary.

I’m a magician and performed on stage at events for thousands of people.

I’m an artist and have work in galleries and collectors worldwide.

But none of that compares to the sheer thrill and fear that comes with releasing my writing into the world.

I’ve thought long and hard over quite why it should be so different to performing or painting. The reasons are many. Here’s a few – see how many you can relate to;

1 – you’ve no mask to hide behind. As a magician, I relied on comedy to win over my audience.

As an author? Heck… there’s no hiding. Mainly because…

2 – it’s YOU in each story.

Your heart, your life, your ups and downs. I believe that if you’re an authentic author who writes from the heart as well as the head, it is an act of love. And, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, our heart can be broken.

3 – their minds can already be made up without them ever having read your work.

If you see a photo of one of my artworks, it takes a split-second to make your own mind up. With a story, you have to commit time, energy and sometimes cost, to absorb yourself in an author’s work.

So, many times, we simply don’t bother, relying on others reviews to make the judgement for us.

Personally, while it’s nice to get good reviews, I prefer to make my own mind up about things I choose to explore. I wouldn’t avoid going to, say, India because someone told me it was not a good place to go! Likewise, I wouldn’t NOT choose to read a particular author because someone else – usually a stranger – tells me they didn’t enjoy it.

Well, there’s just a few of my reasons why it can be particularly scary to let your writing go out into the big, bad world.

Ultimately though, we have to have courage as writers. Otherwise it would be a boring, bland planet on which to live and write.

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