debut novel

Holy moly… it’s almost upon us. 

What is? Well, probably an event which is perhaps in the top 60 billion most important happenings this summer (perhaps). 

Yes, I am referring to the official release date of my debut novel All Fall Down. 

This dystopian psychological thriller is a whopping 540 pages of fast-paced action! 

I began writing it way back in 2016. It gradually got put on the back burner as other things took priority (one of which was transitioning from being a professional magician to being a pro artist). During Lockdown in 2021, a good friend of mine (himself a pro writer) encouraged me to pick the manuscript back up and finish it. I did, with the resulting book coming in at 105K words. 

Skip forward a few weeks and a wonderful, passionate publisher began to read the book. Her name is Taryn and she was really excited about the story and characters. Taryn and I began to work closely on the story, with Taryn helping shape the various threads in this rather complex tale and offering ideas on characters. The final book ended up at 115K words approx. Phew! 

And, as I type this, we are weeks away from its official release. Hoorah! 

If you’re looking for something to read this holiday season, may I suggest All Fall Down. If you like shows such as Black Mirror (who doesn’t?!), The Outer Limits, Tales of the Unexpected, Tales from the Darkside and such, then I think you’ll enjoy All Fall Down. 

It is available to pre-order now with copies being shipped on its release 14th July 2022. All Fall Down day! 

To get your signed, dedicated copy direct from me with a specially produced All Fall Down bookmark, please click here. Multiple book packages available. 

To pre-order from Waterstones, please click here.