Need a giggle?

So, there I was, one particular night of late, feeling like a needed cheering up. So, with pencil and paper, I brainstormed and created Magic Dave. 

Magic who? 


My idea was to paint some pictures of serious performers doing various stage performances and then title them with comical captions. Alas, my style of art doesn’t really lend itself to what I had in mind. So, I approached my good friend and pro illustrator Graham Hey. Graham’s CV is pretty awesome, having illustrated for many leading newspapers and magazines such as Viz and Smut. 

Together, we fleshed the idea of Dave out and Graham used his cartooning skills to really bring Dave to life. 

After further development work with my girlfriend Jen, we finalised this first set of four prints. Each is A4 size (11.7 x 8.3″) on 250gsm premium silk. The first four in the series are available as a complete set here. 

These bright, comical art prints will certainly make you smile. Spread the good cheer and buy two sets and save! One for you, one for a friend. After all, many of us could do with a good laugh right now. 

Visit Dave here and read all about him!