Apparently, it’s relaxing

Well, that’s what collectors tell me. Watching me paint in the studio has a calming effect. Despite the video being without sound, I do often play chilled music… interspersed with a bit of rock, metal and opera! 

The latest video to be uploaded to my fledgling YouTube channel features me painting one of my ‘hobby’ artworks. By ‘hobby’ I mean that it is a painting of a magician. As an ex-pro performing magician, I sometimes like to paint magicians from yesteryear. Strange when your hobby is also your job, but such craziness makes my world go happily round. That and the drugs of course (yesterday it was Haribo cola bottles). 

Here’s a direct link to the video. Enjoy – oh, and if you like it, please be a peach and subscribe. As I say it’s early days for the channel… it’s not yet in nappies. Share away!