Here’s why I do what I do

When I devise a concept for a new painting, I often paint without a concern too much about who may finally acquire the work. I paint the composition I am excited about and just have to put it down in paint – no matter what it may be. Some ideas just don’t get my creative juices flowing, others are so energized in my psych that I’ve got to drop everything and start right away. 

I have long since found that every piece of art finds its owner. Each piece is destined for a particular collector, whether new or established. My ‘Bow-wowie’ original has now found its home and the owners were as excited to acquire him as I was to paint him!

‘Bow-wowie has arrived! Thank you so much, he is magnificent. Can’t tell you how excited I am.  We really love your work and we have always had border collies and I’m a huge Bowie fan so it somehow seemed like destiny!  We are so delighted to own another one of your paintings.  Can’t wait to show it off to the world! Your artwork are the only originals that we own, we just love your stuff and now we really are getting a collection going.’  – L. Scarfe, UK.  

And here’s the photo of him in his new home. 

Have you found your unique original of mine yet? My work is in galleries and also available direct from my studio. Keep an eye on my store as originals often appear there and, if you’ve not yet done so, please sign up to my VIP Private Members list right now via the yellow box at the top of this site. Who knows? Maybe the work I’m painting in the studio today will be the perfect piece destined for you.