The Great Unlocking begins!

Wanna play a game?

The Great Unlocking is here!

As we come out of lockdown restrictions here in the UK, I thought it would be fun to begin ‘unlocking’ some never-before-offered originals.

So, here’s how this works; The above painting – No, it’s not some new abstract😉 – is an original of mine. In the coming days, my VIP Private Members (sign up at my website for free!) will receive an email with the first piece of this puzzle removed, revealing the painting underneath. As each piece is removed the starting price will go up the value of the piece removed.

How much will you let the value increase before you acquire this original?

This original will start off at a stupidly low value (I’m over-excited about getting our freedom back obviously!) and will be offered first to my VIP Private Members in an email on Tuesday 13th April.

Who knows? You might be bagging yourself a bargain… which I may just come to regret! Ha!

And yes, I have been out in the sun; hence the ‘flushed’ look! #bringonsummer