I’ve been playing cupid.

Love has been in the air and the studio… and I’ve been painting lovers for Valentine’s Day. Cupid or what?!… Here’s a recent commission of a collectors favourite icon and his happy wife:-) And below is a new portrait of my girlfriend. 

24 x 30″
Original painting

‘As a working class guy, I had always admired artistic talent but found it too expensive and out of reach. With the Covid-19 lockdown I found myself unable to do many of the things I would have normally done, such as family holidays, so I had a little bit of spare cash towards the end of the year. I looked into buying an original artwork for a Christmas present for my wife. I saw and loved Jay’s work and contacted him to explain what I wanted. We had a chat on the phone about my more specific requirements and I sent him some photos of the decor in my home so he could colour match his palette to what I wanted. I now have a stunning piece of art on my living room wall and a very happy wife! Who knows, maybe next Christmas I might buy another!’ – S. Ingeldew. UK


Well, if I’m offering to paint your loved one, then I have to paint mine! Here’s a recent portrait of my girlfriend Jen. Particularly challenging as Jen is also an artist. Jen has a dragon across her back, so I was going to title it ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Two’ but in the end decided on ‘Soul Mate’ – I know, I’m a romantic devil.