Shaman & Showmen

In 2006 I was invited as a guest to perform at Magic & Meaning in Las Vegas. The conference is one of, if not the, leading conference globally to explore the connections between the magician and the human condition.

Jeff McBride, multi-award-winning magician and lecturer.

Another world-class conference, also hosted in Las Vegas, is Magic & Medicine, which explores how the healing power of the magician can be utilised by medical practitioners.

Now, after years of behind-the-scenes negotiations and the generosity of friends, I’m excited to be bringing a flavour of both of these events to the UK for the first time ever.

Shaman & Showman takes place on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March, 2020, in Blackpool (the Las Vegas of the UK!).

Hosts Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Hass discuss this unique conference weekend for which tickets are now on sale. Watch the video here>>

Tickets available from £55 per day (Early Bird until 31.12.19), including over £150s worth of FREE merchandise. Limited spaces. Click here for more information.