Stop! I need a wee…

Well, that line was supposed to be edited out.

George Parker is a fascinating guy. He’s a ‘corporate alchemist’ and spends his time working the world’s biggest corporations teaching them about creative transformation. I know him as a superb magician – and friend.

George and I have undertaken many fun projects together; from team-building creative days, to joint magic shows in London and Amsterdam. We’ve also worked together in Las Vegas.

So when George announced he would like me to be a guest on his Creation Game podcast, I said ‘sure’. Knowing we both get deep on theory and performance when we get going, the hour long podcast became about 90 minutes. Not bad.

At one memorable point, about an hour in, my well-trained bladder was thinking, ‘yep, that’s about time, can we ‘go’ now?’ as a parcel was delivered to George’s home in Amsterdam. Great timing! George said he had to get the door and I remarked that was fine as I needed to go to the gentleman’s convenience.

George, wonderfully, left that part of the podcast in. He says he likes the podcasts to be natural.

Well, here’s the link. in it we discuss my journey from being a child Jesus (in a school play) through to my own West-End shows and beyond to my recent transition of a full-time artist. Interspersed with memories and touching on theory and personal philosophies, it makes for an interesting discussion! Enjoy!

Simplecast link: