Las Vegas Limited Launch

Larry Hass (left) and Michael Caplan with my ‘Haunted Deck’ limited edition print.

Las Vegas was naturally on my ‘to-do’ list when I was a professional magician. I did my first show there in 2006. I didn’t think it would be a natural part of my artistic ventures, but I was wrong.

Larry Hass (above left) is one of magic’s most respected teachers and publishers in the art of magic. Larry and I have been good friends for a number of years and have worked on many projects together.

In 2010, our mutual friend Eugene Burger (featured in the print) proposed to Larry, in total secrecy, the idea of writing his final books which were to be printed and released only after his death. Eugene passed in 2017.

Larry then began to work on Eugene’s final books (there will be two, one released this November and the next in 2021) and approached me to be the illustrator. Until then, I, like almost every other magician connected to Eugene, had no idea the books were even in the pipeline. Eugene was great at keeping secrets!

Upon book one being ready for publishing, Larry commissioned me to create a unique portrait of Eugene and we decided to use one of Michael Caplan’s (above right) brilliant photographs of Eugene. Michael was Eugene’s professional photographer for most of his life.

The print was released at Magic LIVE in August 2019. The first 195 orders received one of my prints. Michael has No. 1! The original portrait is also soon to be with Michael.

For magician’s who wish to know more about Eugene’s book, please keep an eye on