Lyric Originals

I’m a bibliophile and always got my head in a book. Not literally, that would make it almost impossible to read. Unless one had super-eyesight. Anyway…

I’m a music lover; have managed bands, tried my hand at a variety of instruments and always have music on in the studio when working on new pieces.

I read poetry. Music lyrics are poetry. I love art. Let’s chuck all of that in a fictional pot and what do we get? Yep, Lyric originals.

The icon and the lyric combined in one portrait. Four new Lyric Originals have just been added to my site; Heroes, Imagine, Fear and One More Light.

Going forward, will be offering this for commissions to, not only of famous folk but of loved ones and their favourite song, verse or saying written into their portrait.

New ‘Heroes’, David Bowie original portrait. Look closely, the lyrics to Heroes are within…