One way to celebrate your 40th

This month sees a significant change in the direction of my creative life.

Firstly, I turn 40 years young.

Secondly, I’m focusing on my artwork into the foreseeable future, specialising in works reflecting my love of magic and wildlife. After nigh-on two decades as a successful professional magician, an agent, producer and manager, I’ve been feeling the call to move out of the spotlight of performing into the isolation of the studio.

One way to celebrate this change came quite unexpectedly through my association with the world’s most prestigious and progressive magic school for magicians based in Las Vegas. I was honoured to be asked to write the editorial for their global newsletter this month which is read by tens of thousands of creative folk.

This was my first ever editorial and allowed me to discuss my views on magic and showcase my change of ‘career’ into that of an artist.

Feedback has been encouraging and I’m pleased to have been already asked to consider future contributions.

There comes times when it’s hard to stop the train we’re on, take a step back and consider how we’re going to transform ourselves for the future. It’s not easy! It means digging deep, confronting fears and challenging beliefs. I guess I can’t help it, as I’ve always been changing direction and shaking things up, usually at a time when things are most stable.

And for someone who has always been very pro-active and ‘out-there’, taking time to hibernate and create is not a natural process, but one that feels right at this point in my life.

Many simply go and buy themselves a Porsche I hear! Alas, being a person who has no real interest in material possessions, turning inwards is the journey at present. Please keep an eye on my art as it progresses and if you feel like supporting a ‘starving artist’, there’s a small selection of my work available on this here site.

So, Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday dear me. Happy Birthday to me!