A change is as good as a rest. That’s what they say.

Last month, April, I had the pressure… pleasure!… of touring with my two friends and magic mentors Jeff McBride and Larry Hass across the British Isles of love.

On the way we shared many laughs, a few tears and met so many new peeps to add to the ever-growing tribe of folk all looking to grow their own magical practice and share their tricks. All in memory of the master magician Eugene Burger, who left us last summer.

If ever you get opportunity in your life to do something different away from your normal routine, I urge you to take the chance. Touring is hard work, but equally re-energising as you get to meet so many new people and share rewarding experiences.

From late night card tricks (an essential touring component if you’re a magician of course, and on occasion, accompanied by musicians playing guitars), to discussing philosophy with Doctors, politics with scholars and life lessons with writers, walking on the sea-front with artists, around cities with thinkers and on the road with entrepreneurs, all of us breaking bread and sharing wine by the fire. Such good times.

Now a few days R&R to absorb, digest and begin on projects new.

What do you do to expand your tribe and get your fill of magical juice? If in doubt, arrange a tour with friends, even if it’s just an overnight with a tent. You’ll not regret it. Unless you forget to bring the bottle opener of course.

Or the guitar.