The computer crash

After our inaugural Magical Workshop in November 2017, I decided to re-design the magic sets and tricks taught in this hands-on class for special needs students. After successfully doing so, and about to perform a back-up, my computer (the ever-customer-ignoring-Apple-brand) decided to crash. Oh, that was after dear Apple said I really, really should update my OS as my computer would otherwise be ‘vulnerable’. I updated. And… well, if you’re bored Google ‘Too Many Corpses’ as this was the fault I found out hours later.

The good news is that;

1 – the magic sets were completely re-designed again (they had failed to save upon the crash) meaning I could add an extra tweak or two before committing to print.

2 – my Mac is working, and I have decided from this day forth to not buy from Apple ever again.

3 – my magician friend Tim and I successfully delivered another Magical Workshop week to around 250+ students across many schools in Hertfordshire and Essex.

For the creatives among you, a hidden lesson was the opportunity presented from the above crash (I’ve recommended Apple change their name going forward to ‘hAssLE’) allowing me to re-design my re-design.

Often our first efforts are not quite as good as they could perhaps be, given we are ourselves unfamiliar with the work we’ve just created. When we have the chance to create it again, we are now doing so from a vision of knowing what the final result will look like, and this allows us to tweak and play until it is perhaps more how we feel it should be.

So is our second best actually the opportunity for our best?

Would you agree?