Month: November 2017


Original Portraits now available

Online store selling my original pencil and ink portraiture is now all-systems-go-baby. Please check out (literally, with an original in your shopping cart and support a starving artist!) my online shop here. Thanks! And, as I mention on the store front, if you buy an original from me then you

Art shop – coming soon

It started as a bit of fun to get me back in the swing of doing sketching after a hiatus. The response from my fellow Magi has been most kind and after many requests for prints of my portraits of famous magicians, I’ve decided to make a few originals for

The curious incident of the curb-stone at the convention

Having been asked to write a tribute to my dearly departed friend and mentor Eugene Burger (THE philosopher of magic), I’m indebted to Magicseen Magazine for their kind permission to attach it here. ‘Weston-Super-Mare council weren’t to know. How could they? The pavement curb stone outside of the Playhouse Theatre