Goals, goals, goals… another quick reason why I think short term goals are not something to get too heavily obsessed over; blinkers.

And that’s not a swearword from the Carry-On era.

If we stay focused on the goal, aiming for that and nothing else, then we fail to see opportunities just outside of that vision.

When I reflect on the opportunities and creative projects I have had success with they have come about through a goal-less strategy. Had I been too focused on a particular goal then I’m confident I would have missed these chances to create something.

So free yourself from the never-ending verbiage from ‘get-things-done-Guru’s’ and let goals go for a while. Stay alert and just see what comes your way. You may never know what opportunities you may encounter now you have your blinkers removed. Glance sideways and enjoy the view!

plural noun: blinkers
  1. 1.
    a pair of small leather screens attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it seeing sideways and behind and being startled.