Deep friendship? I think not.

The old fashioned way… I’m staying with friends and we share a meal, sit around the log fire, drink, talk and further add to our developing friendship. Later today I’m with other friends doing the same (exchanging log fire for outdoor fire-pit).

The modern way seems to be a case of gathering ‘friends’ (some boasting 5000 plus) and the conversation being a mixture of funny faces, where ‘love’ is represented by a simple ‘x’. Where is the actual love?

I’m a user of the modern way, but really count my friends as those I actually take time out to see, speak to and share experiences.

Those I invest in. And vice-versa.

A quick tale; many of us were catching up after several years of being apart. We were all around 30 years young. We played games, drank and were generally merry and having fun on hearing each others experiences over the last few years. Two teenagers joined us who both sat at opposite ends of the sofa and were absorbed in their phones and their, no doubt, many ‘friendships’ in the digital world of smiley faces. They wouldn’t join in with us, wouldn’t talk, and struggled to even hold eye contact. When we finally started ribbing them as to who they were ‘texting’ it turned out it was each other! Yep, they were in a ‘relationship’.

Oh. Dear.

Consider the depth of your real friendships with those closest to you. And how they may have drifted apart if a physical hug has become a simple emoji.

As social animals we crave company. And loneliness isn’t solved by a smiley face or an ‘x’. Do as I will now; put the digital world to sleep and go talk!