What’s the point?

I’m currently writing a book on performing and have been thinking about the reason why I chose to perform magic. Yes, it’s because I love the art-form. But do audiences? Aside from me enjoying myself, was there a good living to be made? Would my audiences enjoy it as much as I?

And then I got thinking about the other things I’ve done. Writing for instance. And that led me to think about the artists, magicians, entertainers and authors I know who don’t actively pursue their passion. Perhaps they think ‘what’s the point?’

If the end result is money, then to me you have the wrong agenda baby. You’re creating solely for the end result.

The enjoyment, satisfaction and reward should be the experience itself. It should be self-fulfilling.

When I perform magic, whether in practice or paid play, time passes by and I’m totally absorbed in the moment. The act of magic. When I write, same applies. And now after a few years sabbatical, I’m playing with pencil and paint again.

This complete immersion in the activity makes you lose your sense of self. You become ‘one’ with the creation. When I write my fingers flow over the keyboard and should the door-bell go it actually shocks me back into myself. When I draw I find myself flowing with the pencil.

Sound to woo-woo?

If you’re creating for the sheer enjoyment of it, for yourself and for no other reason then you’ll know what I mean. If you’re creating for an end result of money or recognition, then perhaps you’ll not feel the difference between a true act of creation and the commercialisation of your talent for other ends.

Talking to artists and performers there’s a clear difference.

The key comes to being paid to still create for yourself. And that is what my forthcoming book aims to address. Ever onwards…