The Money Trap

If you won £1m would you still go to work tomorrow?

Or, re-phrased, if money wasn’t an issue would you start living your dream and fulfilling your ambition?

If yes, then consider something my friend George Parker calls ‘distilling the essence’.

George talks about a client of his who dreamed of taking his children to the desert to spend a night camping under the stars. But money, time and responsibilities stopped him from doing so. George broke the vision down into its main elements and thus allowed his client to achieve the essence of his dream; a sand-pit in the back garden on a clear, star-lit night.

Consider the key elements of your dream and then bring those elements into the here and now. You may just surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

And it won’t cost the Earth.

And you won’t be using lack of money as another excuse to stop you from taking action and simply doing it!