Month: August 2017


Creativity demands solitude

A thought for you. ‘Creativity demands solitude’. Do you agree? As a magician, I find I create the procedure in isolation. But the plot often comes through collaboration with other performers, my director and magical friends (yes, I actually have magical friends!). As a writer, I create in solitude, writing

Coping in the Future

So, I was thinking. We hear of visionaries wanting to create colonies on Mars. A conservatory on the Moon. Anywhere other than here. And with our growing want for shiny new play things, devices that numb us, dumb us and separate us from ourselves and each other, will we cope

Blackpool Magic

Thanks for Blackpool Gazette for the feature! Read it here:

The Money Trap

If you won £1m would you still go to work tomorrow? Or, re-phrased, if money wasn’t an issue would you start living your dream and fulfilling your ambition? If yes, then consider something my friend George Parker calls ‘distilling the essence’. George talks about a client of his who dreamed

Less is More. Always.

Pouring with rain. Bike out earlier, I cycled around the nature reserves near the house here in BlasVegas (e.g. Blackpool). And felt free. I love that feeling. It comes when we’re in nature, immersed in the elements and everything is stripped back to simplicity. I could cycle naked and probably