It’s all in the mind.

It’s all in the mind. For most ideas that’s where they stay.


A few posts ago I talked about the importance of carrying a notebook and pencil with you everywhere you go. Plus, keeping one by the bed (how come those best ideas come right on the edge of sleep? Although, in the cold light of day they seem not quite as brilliant as they appeared at the Witching Hour!).

Putting your idea down on paper is already far more than the vast majority of us do.

But then what?

Leaving it there the idea will simply never have chance to breathe and become fully realised. And before you know it, you’ll be jotting down your latest, brilliant idea. And that too will soon be trumped by another.

And another.

Creating the habit of recording your ideas is the first step to being more creative. Now you need to take the next step; the periodical review.

Choose a time-frame; weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and put it in your diary! Schedule time to revise your notebook and re-consider the various ideas you have had.

And then decide on one, just one idea, that you feel energised to develop, explore and bring to life.

Get in the habit of doing this. Bringing ideas off the page and into existence. Otherwise you’ll never experience their potential, your potential, and they’ll forever be all in the mind.

Until there too they are forgotten.