What’s your excuse?

Have a look at the image. What do you think the No. 1 excuse is that people use for never chasing their dreams?

Any guesses?

I’ve spoken in the past to so many people who have shown admiration (bless ’em!) for the way I’ve always created an income stream (or varying levels!) doing what I enjoy. For me the concept or ‘work’ to make other people more money doesn’t sit well with me. If we’re going to spend the majority of our lives in ‘work’ then I want to enjoy it!

The excuses and reasons people have expressed to me when I’ve asked them what they wish they could do for a living are varied. So, I devised a test which I’ve just offered you above.

Whatever excuse you think the No. 1 reason is will be a reflection of what is actually stopping you from doing what you want to do!

It might not be something you wish you could do everyday as a job. Maybe it’s just an idea, like write that book you’ve always been thinking of. Or, visiting that certain place, or certain someone. Painting that picture. Performing in that play.

So, what did you think the No. 1 reason is? Chances are that it’s the No.1 reason you’re not doing what you’d love to do.

Conquer it and crack on! Have fun in the process, as ultimately it is the process that is the reason to do the journey itself. Not the destination.

Have fun! And no more excuses.