Go on, be afraid. I dare you.

Really? Every day?

It’s not hard once you give it a go.

Now, this isn’t saying ‘live dangerously’, or ‘do illegal stuff’. No, no. Rather, what might you do in your daily routine that you would perhaps never consider, or maybe have thought about but not done? Could be life-changing, such as asking out that colleague who you stare at each day. Or, maybe something like heading-up a meeting. Perhaps starting a conversation with a complete stranger. Think of something that gives you an inner feeling of being fearful.

Thinking? Good. Getting sweaty palms? The fight or flight response telling you to run, baby, run? Ignore it and just go and do it.

But why bother?

Ah, looking for an excuse to get out of this eh? I understand. But if you do try it, even for a week, you’ll soon find yourself being more confident in situations and seizing opportunities.

When I first began performing as a professional magician, I would pass hotels in and around London and then stop, take a look at the massive, intimidating revolving door often complete with door-man, and feel an overwhelming urge to just move along. But soon found that instead I would simply walk up and enter, approach the main reception and ask to speak to someone in events management. Before long I was having spontaneous coffee with senior management and pitching for magic gigs.

And waiting to be found out.

I eventually handled the entertainment for several hotels.

Be ballsy. You never know what might happen! Oh, and be ready for rejection. But that’s another topic for another time.

Go forth and be scared. It’ll become a good habit.